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Igor is a boss in the Castlevania series.


Igor is a regular Hunchback enemy who accompanies the Frankenstein Monster into battle in both Castlevania for the NES and Vampire Killer for the MSX. His presence emulates the iconic character of the same name in the classic Frankenstein films from the monochrome film era, as well as to add a little more challenge to the boss fight.

His appearance and attack patterns are very similar to those of a regular Hunchback, although he can jump longer and faster, and he can also launch fireballs at the player. However, Igor, unlike other Hunchbacks, is completely invincible; nonetheless, he can be slowed down for several seconds by a well placed toss of Holy Water. He vaporizes once the Frankenstein Monster has been defeated.

Captain N: The Game Master

Igor is the Count's right-hand minion in the '80s-'90s cartoon Captain N: The Game Master. However, in this version Igor is a tiny demon who is usually found sitting at the top-end of the Count's staff, often providing comedic relief by adding to his master's speeches, which generally end up in him taking the Count's abuse.

His design in this series could probably have been inspired by the Ghoul Rabbit, an enemy that appears as a replacement for Hunchbacks in some of the classic games, bearing a closer resemblance to the animated character, although they neither have frontal limbs nor wings.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Igor
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
19. Frankenstein & Igor (Frankenstein and Hunchback [Boss]) [ edit ]
Frankenstein attacks gradually, while Igor jumps and attacks. Don't let Igor divert you with his jumping. An intensive attack with the Dagger or Fire Bomb is effective.(*) HP: 12
Exp: 5,000
Atk: 4
4. Catacombs
Vkill-frank Frankenstein Monster  (Frankenstein) [ edit ]
Vampire Killer
' Exp: 3,000
4. Catacombs



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