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"I'm a diplomat, Hector. I make peace. Carmilla thinks you're a useful idiot at best, Striga wants to kill you when she thinks about you at all, and Morana wants to torture you. Not to get information out of you... just because she finds it calming. I make peace. And because of that, people think I'm soft. People think I'm weak. You won't make that mistake again, will you?"

Investigators is the third episode of the third season, and the 15th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


Belmont and Sypha's plan to leave Lindenfeld hits a snag. Isaac and the Captain debate the merits of humanity. Hector tries to get a read on Lenore.



Trevor and Sypha are sitting on a bench, contemplating their next move. Sypha suggests hunting more night creatures, which brings a smile to Trevor's face. Even so, they have a nagging suspicion that some of the townsfolk worship Dracula, which the Judge confirms. He asks them to accompany him for tea. Back at his house, the Judge asks them who they really are, and Sypha introduces her and Trevor and reveals that they killed Dracula. Upon hearing their identities and accomplishments, the Judge asks them to find out what's going on in the church.

In a flashback, the Judge reveals a pack of night creatures attacked Lindenfeld. Luckily, the town's men-at-arms dispatched the demons. However, the pack leader managed to escape to the local priory. Instead of hearing blood and guts, they were met with a deadly silence. The creature wasn't killing them; it was talking to them. A blinding green light was emanating from the church with lightning bolts hitting the ground around it. A while later, the monks came out with blackened pieces of the creature. They looked broken. The next day, the people of the town wanted to give thanks for God's mercy. However, Sala wouldn't allow them into the priory's hall. A few days later, the first stranger, a priest covered in blood, arrived looking for the monastery. Every day since, a new stranger arrived in town, and the monks took them in. The Judge wants to know why the priory is attracting damaged, frightened people. Sypha and Trevor agree to find out.


Isaac and the Captain are debating the merits of humanity. Isaac reveals that he's a Sufi –the self-flagellating kind– because it brings him clarity, but he's too angry to continue the practice. The Captain is intrigued by Isaac and asks him to tell him his story, which Isaac obliges. Isaac tells what happened in Wallachia and how Dracula threw him through a magic mirror to save his life. Isaac goes on to reveal his skills as a forgemaster and other abilities. After he kills Hector, he plans to take up Dracula's cause and kill all the people in the world. Upon hearing Isaac's plan, the Captain disperses a little bit of wisdom to the Sufi. Why would Isaac live out Dracula's story when he can tell his own. But also, the Captain points out that by eliminating humanity, you also destroy what makes it beautiful. Isaac could use his skills to teach people how to be kind.

Carmilla's Castle[]

Lenore visits Hector and brings him a basket filled with food. The battered Hector is wary of Lenore's intentions. Even so, he can't deny his empty stomach and quickly fetches the single blackberry that Lenore throws like a starving and obedient pet. She stands to give him a piece of chicken, but Hector sees an opportunity and quickly yanks her to the cell's bars, leaving Lenore in a position that he can easily rip her throat out if she doesn't call the guards to free him. Before he can finish his threat, however, Lenore transforms into countless little bats and attacks Hector, beating him to a measly pulp. Once again, Lenore explains that she only wants peace, but people, especially Hector, shouldn't mistake her kindness for weakness.



– (Trevor and Sypha sit on top of a small snow-covered slope to discuss their next move.)
Sypha: So, what’s next?
Trevor: Don’t know. Hmm.
Sypha: (eyes shift in the opposite direction) I mean… (slyly smirks at Trevor) I suppose we could take a break.
Trevor: (indifferently) We could.
Sypha: (cheerfully) After finding the night creatures terrorizing the villages down the road from here.
Trevor: Mmm, and the fat thing living at the bottom of the last village’s well.
Sypha: And the creek toad monster hunting humans by the river ford.
Trevor: And the night creatures on the flying goats.
Sypha: (delighted) Flying goats. (places her top finger on her thumb.) Now, that was--
Trevor: Disturbing.
Sypha: (casually) Yes. Disturbing.
Trevor: They **** on a farm, Sypha. And their **** was on fire.
Sypha: Yes. That was terrible.
Trevor: Burning devil goat ****… from the sky. (holds Sypha’s hand) You weren’t going to say “disturbing,” were you? You were going to say--
Sypha and Trevor: (simultaneously) Fun! (Trevor laughs)
Sypha: Yes! (She laughs as well before laying down on Trevor’s lap.) Oh, my god, so much fun!
Trevor: (smiling) Ah, you’ve gone insane.
Sypha: Really. The most fun I’ve ever had in my life. This has been amazing.
Trevor: (chuckles) And now?
Sypha: Well, this is nice, I suppose.
Trevor: You’re bored. (Sypha sits back up)
Sypha: Sleeping in a bed was nice. I mean, I’m not complaining or anything.
Trevor: The bed was actually pretty good. I’m used to sleeping under trees.
Sypha: (inches toward him with a smile.) Sleeping in the wagon is nice, too.
Trevor: Better than sleeping under trees.
Sypha: See? So we should get in the wagon and roll on out of here. (She points toward the wagon’s direction before looking at Trevor.) What?
Trevor: Hmm? Roll on out of here?
Sypha: (dramatically) That’s what we do. (holds her palm out confidently) Belnades and Belmont. (squeezes her fists) We roll out and hit the road and fight nasty hovering death goats that open their flaming bowels upon the innocent.
Trevor: (points his top finger up) Belmont and Belnades.
Sypha: (squeezes Trevor’s arm) Belnades and her dancing bear. (places her hand on her chin.) I never liked goats. Horrible eyes. (whispers toward Trevor) Do you know that some people have **** with them?
Trevor: (slightly disturbed) So I’ve heard. (warmly looks at Sypha.) Shall we buy some food for the road?
Sypha: Really?
Trevor: Yeah.
Sypha: (smirks) Because we’re having fun, right?
Trevor: (wraps an arm around her) I admit it. I do. You and me. We’re doing good things, and it’s been pretty far from boring. (eyes the view of the village and Sala’s monks.) But, also… Lindenfeld is starting to give me the creeps.
Sypha: Do you think they really worship Dracula?
Judge: (startles the duo.) They do. (They stand up to face him.) Would you both please accompany me? (Anticipating an attack due to their apprehension, the Judge calmly raises his palm with his eyes closed.) For tea?
Sypha: (looking uncomfortable) Uh, I like tea.
Trevor: (unamused) I… don’t.
Trevor: I'm not looking at you Sypha.
Sypha: You're going to.
Trevor: Nope.
Sypha: You're like looking at me.
Trevor: I'm not going to.
Sypha: Because if you do, you'll crack like an egg.
Trevor: (cracked voice) Yes.
Captain: (pouring a drink) I have brandy. You know brandy? Fire and wine. Do you partake of alcohol?
Isaac: I do not.
Captain: Ah, thought so. Muslim?
Isaac: Sufi.
Captain: The spinning-around kind, or the self-flagellating kind?
Isaac: The latter. Or, I was.
Captain: If you don't have your own story, you become part of someone else's.
Lenore: I seem to have some roasted chicken here. I'm afraid there are no maggot on it. I can call the guard and ask him to get you some sprinkles.
Hector: That's quite the picnic you have in there. I never think of vampires as eating food.
Lenore: Oh, we eat. It's the blood that gives us our essential nourishment, of course. You've probably seen a lot of that, having lived in Dracula's court. But we enjoy all the good things of life. It'd be silly not to, wouldn't it? Otherwise, well, why live forever, if you not going to live well?





  • The flashback scene where monsters are attacking the village is reminiscent to the introductory stage in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, where a pack of Lycanthropes and a Great Warg attack a village during a stormy night.
  • The presence of tea at the Judge's office is anachronistic: tea originated in Asia and didn't begin to be imported into Europe until the 16th century. Yet the animated series takes place toward the end of the 15th century.