"Here, just let me bind that up. My father's a doctor."
— Iris to Maria in The Dracula X Chronicles
For the Lords of Shadow mentioned character, see Iris (Lords of Shadow).

Iris (イリス Irisu?) is a support character in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, and its remake, Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. She is a villager and the daughter of a doctor. She was kidnapped by Dracula's forces.


Iris is the daughter of a doctor and has great potential in medical treatments. She has a charm that breaks crystal walls, which she gives to Richter or Maria to help them on their quest.

Having some medical knowledge, she will restore the player to full health when rescued.


In Rondo of Blood, due to its more anime-style artwork, Iris is depicted with big expressive green eyes, and also possesses long auburn hair that's wrapped in a long braid, as well as a yellow dress with a blue/green shawl with purple trappings.

In Dracula X Chronicles, Iris is depicted as wearing a red tuxedo with yellow leggings, as well as having much shorter hair that's colored orange, as well as glasses.

Iris's Charm

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