The Iron Doll is a boss in Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge. This is the primary boss of Rock Castle. It is slow and heavily armored at first, but when it has sustained enough damage, it will drop its armor and come after the player faster and more ferociously than ever.


The Iron Doll is the boss of the Rock Castle. It is an anthropomorphic, hulking beast clad in heavy armor who wields a huge scimitar. At first, it advances very slowly toward the player and swings its sword after taking a few steps.

Once its health bar has been reduced to a half, it will walk to the center of the room and its armor will explode, exposing its bare torso and also revealing the creature to have a very long neck. From then onward, it will attack by jumping high in the air and unleashing an energy wave from its sword with each swing.

Enemy DataEdit

Irndoll Irndoll2
Name JPN Alt. Name
Iron Doll アイアンドール Eisenpuppe
Rock Castle
This is the primary boss of Rock Castle.(...)



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