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For the animated series version of this character, see Isaac (animated series).

"You deserve a most gruesome fate for the humiliation you brought upon me three years ago."
— Isaac to Hector

Isaac (アイザック Aizakku?) is the central antagonist of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. A seemingly bondage-and self-mortification obsessed Devil Forgemaster, Isaac lures Hector back to Dracula's Castle in order to make him the new host body of Dracula. He does this by rigging the trial for Hector's wife to be burned at the stake as a witch. Isaac's sister, Julia, attempts to prevent Hector from killing him right up until the end.


Events of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (comic)

Isaac and Hector were two of Dracula's greatest generals, as they were the only two humans capable of devil forgery that created innocent devils. Isaac respected Hector, but hated that he was their lord's favorite. When sent by Dracula to defeat a member of the Belmont Clan, Hector betrayed his lord and sought to escape. Isaac was then ordered by Dracula to find and kill Hector for his defection. When Hector was forced to use his powers to save Rosaly from a werewolf, Isaac confronted him and the two battled. But during their fight, Dracula was defeated by Trevor Belmont and his castle disappeared. Isaac himself was defeated by Hector and left for dead.

However, Isaac survived and spied on Hector for the next three years, waiting to have his revenge on his former comrade. When Rosaly was selling apples, he spread false rumors that she was a witch selling poisonous apples. She was executed at the stake, and Hector came too late to save her.

Events of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Isaac leads Hector to an abandoned castle and tells him to regain his power as a devil forgemaster. He proclaims that Hector will not have his revenge for Rosaly's death, and that he will have his own revenge for the humiliation Hector brought upon him three years ago.

As Hector's powers begin to grow, Isaac is confronted by him in the town of Cordova. He fights his former comrade to test his strength but is stopped by his sister, Julia. Isaac escapes, telling Hector to get even stronger. At the Aiolon Ruins, Isaac fights Trevor Belmont and acquires the blood needed to open the hidden chambers below the abandoned castle. He successfully tricks Hector into bringing back Dracula's castle and stabs Trevor in the chest from behind.

Inside the castle, Isaac battles Hector for the final time. He dies from the fight, and Hector does not fall victim to the curse. Zead, who is actually Death, is forced to use Isaac's body for Dracula's resurrection when he had originally planned to use Hector instead. After Hector defeats Dracula, the vampire's soul leaves Isaac's body and he collapses. Julia bids farewell to her fallen brother as she and Hector flee the crumbling castle.

He is something of a tragic character, in spite of his amoral actions and his vengeful, obsessive attitude toward Hector. Hector observes, in the end, that Isaac's insanity and actions were all precipitated by Dracula. Being too far gone in madness and too much possessed by Dracula for anyone to save, Isaac can find peace only in death. Hector, when told by Julia that there is no other way, grants Isaac this in the end.

Boss battles

Cordova Town

Isaac is the area boss of Cordova Town and is accompanied by his loyal guardian Innocent Devil, Abel. He wields the Chauve-souris spear and can perform stronger variants of the same combos Hector can do with a spear weapon, such as holding the spear downward and using it to quickly skid along the ground toward the enemy, and then lifting them with a fiery stab; spinning the spear in his hands and creating a damaging whirlwind around him; performing a lengthy stabbing attack; slamming the spear with great force on the ground and producing a shock wave, etc. He is very fast and will constantly roll around to evade attacks or block them. Ranged spells that repeatedly fire projectiles, such as Bone Storm, Heavenly Sword, Bone Shot, etc. are good options to both damage and stagger him, or simple casts of a Tiramisu's Invincible Vase can make this fight almost trivial.

Isaac opens his stealing window when he performs the skidding attack, although he rarely does it during battle; fortunately, he always begins the encounter with this attack, presenting a perfect opportunity to steal from him. The reward is the rare Devil's Vein (which notably is one of the materials required to craft the Chauve-souris, the only weapon that can raise a Devil-Type into its final evolution, The End).

Abel, on his part, will be a constant nuisance during the encounter, attacking both Hector and his summoned Innocent Devil; in fact, he will often solely focus all his attention on Hector's devil. If the player has raised a Phoenix Bird-Type and it has learned the Big Bang ability (by defeating Level 25+ enemies, like those mainly encountered in Cordova Town), they can target Abel at the beginning of the encounter and cast this spell on him to instantly defeat him and remove the threat he poses.

Dracula's Castle

In this second encounter, Isaac wields the powerful Laser Blade, but is no longer accompanied by Abel. Like the previous encounter, he can perform the same combos Hector can do with a sword weapon, and will frequently avoid or block attacks. After sustaining some damage, Isaac will briefly turn invincible and summon an Innocent Devil to come to his aid. He usually starts by summoning a Crimson Bird-Type, then a Iytei Battle-Type, and then a Rasetz Battle-Type, all colored in a sinister dark tone. At this point, Isaac will take some distance and sporadically attack from afar; so, the player is advised to turn all their attention on first defeating the Innocent Devil. Once the devil is defeated, Isaac will engage back in normal battle, but after receiving more damage he'll summon his next Innocent Devil, and so on until the encounter ends.

Isaac opens his stealing window when knocked back. An easy way to do this is with either a one-handed sword or axe type weapon; hit him once and immediately follow with a Final Attack to knock him down. However, he'll be sent far away and the stealing window is very short, so it's advisable to try to first position him against a wall to prevent him traveling too far away. The reward for stealing from him is a slice of Cheese.


Boss battle

  • Come on! (来い!)
  • Come forth! (いでよ!)
  • How dare you!
  • Not bad. (やるな.)
  • Go! (行け!)
  • Kill!
  • Return!
  • Is that your best?
  • Die!
  • Ahahahaha!
  • (If attacked) No way! (馬鹿な!)
  • Abel, return!
  • (When the player dies in Battle 1) Ha! You should train some more!
  • (When the player dies in Battle 2) A torment death, you damn traitor!


  • My name is Isaac. I have abandoned the reason of man and embraced the laws of heresy... If there is anyone who should trouble you, Count Dracula...then I shall rip him to pieces...

Enemy Data

No. Name JPN HP
82 Isaac Lv.34 アイザック Lv.34 Aizakku Lv.34 5,850
Tolerance Weakness
Dark Ice
Location Drop Steal EXP
Cordova Town Crest
(Trevor Mode only)
Devil's Vein 1,460
Description "One of only two devil forgemasters, he has sworn eternal loyalty to the dark lord Dracula."

No. Name JPN HP
146 Isaac Lv.50 アイザック Lv.50 Aizakku Lv.50 6,500
Tolerance Weakness
Dark Ice
Location Drop Steal EXP
Dracula's Castle - Cheese 4,800
Description "One of only two devil forgemasters, he has several powerful Innocent Devils."

Item Data

Item Data: Isaac
Image Name - Game
  Type - Users
Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Devil's Vein Devil's Vein - Curse of Darkness
  Material - Hector
The blood of many devils, solidified by magic. Black and sickly, don't look at it for too long. Sell: $750
Find: Forest of Jigramunt
Steal: Isaac Lv.34
Crest Crest - Curse of Darkness
  Pick-Up - Trevor Belmont
All stats increased. ATK +5, DEF +5, HP +50, Hearts +5
Find: Aiolon Ruins, Dracula's Castle
Drop: All bosses, excepted Isaac's second fight, Death and Dracula.
Conditions: Item disappears if the player does not pick it up before leaving the Boss Room.
Cheese Cheese - Curse of Darkness
  Food - Hector
A cheese known as Emmentaler. The holes in it are called 'cheese eyes'. HP +100
Sell: $1
Steal: Isaac Lv.50

Other appearances

Pachislot Akumajō Dracula

Main article: Isaac/Pachislot

Isaac appears as one of Dracula's allies in the first Pachislot Akumajō Dracula game. As it is not clear if the events of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness are relevant to this game or not, it cannot be determined if Isaac survived the events of that game. Isaac's Chauve-souris has been replaced with a giant spiked iron ball and chain in this game. He and Trevor lock chains over a chasm between towers and attempt to pull each other into the abyss below.

Castlevania: Labyrinth of Fire

Isaac appears as the highest ranked reel symbol in the North American slot game Castlevania: Labyrinth of Fire.

Castlevania (animated series)

Main article: Isaac (animated series)

Isaac appears as one of Dracula's two human generals in the animated series. He, along with Hector, is a Forgemaster; although instead of summoning demons, their main occupation is to bring people and animals back from the dead by drawing lost souls from Hell and then inserting them into their bodies, transforming them into night creatures that are then enlisted in Dracula's army.

His appearance and personality have been drastically altered from how he is portrayed in the games and manga, now appearing as a tall individual with black skin, a bald head, scars on his body, and a quiet and peaceful demeanor that hides his deepest emotions, although bearing a great intellect, nonetheless. He also doesn't have any known living relatives, whereas the original Isaac had a sister named Julia.


Main article: Isaac/Gallery


  • Isaac's name functions both as a hint that all isn't quite as it seems with him, and also as a reference to a particular bit of vampire lore. Biblically, Itzhak (Isaac) was the son of Abraham, who was almost sacrificed as a test of his father's faith. The vampire folklore his name references appears in the short story "A Kiss of Judas" by Julian Osgood Field. A principal character in this story is Isaac Lebedenko, who dies and, when reborn, becomes a type of vampire known as a "Child of Judas" in order to exact revenge on a deserving enemy. Interestingly enough, Children of Judas are said to have red hair.
  • His Innocent Devil, Abel, is another hint at Isaac's ultimately tragic nature and his end. Biblically, Abel was the first victim of murder. While Isaac is hardly an innocent man, he is very much a mere pawn in Dracula's game, only used as a means to an end.
  • His clothing, too, is yet another hint as to his true nature. It appears as if Isaac is wearing only the remains of his former uniform. The Prelude to Revenge manga, packaged with the soundtrack sampler CD, uses Isaac's attire as a symbol of his mind unraveling. The madder he gets, the more tattered his clothing gets, until we see him in-game in purely ornamental armor bits and those strange pants. Thanks to Dracula's machinations, Isaac is only the broken pieces of the man he once was. Unfortunately, Isaac erroneously blames Hector for the destruction of his life. Curse of Darkness is very liberal with symbolism - not uncommon for Koji Igarashi, who seems to love his Easter eggs.
  • Isaac and Hector together embody the "Red Oni and Blue Oni" trope. Isaac is denoted by red, and is emotional, temperamental and led by his heart. Hector, in blue, is the more logical and rational of the pair and is able to think things through, considers what he has been told, and in the end saves himself from an ill fate.
  • Isaac's in-game model shares the same bone structure and animations as Hector. Also, Hector can forge both weapons used by Isaac in the two encounters: the Chauve-souris (the game's most powerful spear) and the Laser Blade (the game's most powerful long sword).
  • Since his sister is Julia, his family name is likely "Laforeze" (although Devil Forgemasters are only referred to by their first name).

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