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CoD Hector.pngHector

Cod offart56.jpgIsaac

A Devil Forgemaster's Revenge
(Camera shows view of the Abandoned Castle. Hector runs toward the castle as the drawbridge falls down allowing him to enter. He runs to the front courtyard of the castle)

Hector: Show yourself, Isaac! I know you're here.
(Hector's voice echoes)
Isaac: Hector? Is that you?
(Isaac stands on the stairs with Abel while Hector stands in the courtyard)
Hector: I've finally tracked you down.
Isaac: (scoffs) You tracked me down? (giggles) I was the one who lured you here. Hector... the fool who betrayed our Lord Dracula.
Hector: That matters not. I've come to exact my revenge upon you! For the death of Rosaly!
Isaac: Oh? And how will you have this "revenge" (mocking) when you are utterly at my mercy? You relinquished your powers -- you couldn't even protect your own woman! And now, you think to defeat ME? (scoffs)
(Hector looks downward while disgusted)
Isaac: Lord Dracula is gone, but his powers are still here in Valachia... Even you must realize...
Hector: Devil forging...
Isaac: Indeed. With this, the most forbidden of arts, a wisp of conjured matter can be transformed into a hellish devil! There are but two humans who possess this magnificent power: you and I. (giggles)
Hector: Yes, to our lasting shame. But I shed that evil power -- never again will I use it.
Isaac: Ah, but you will, Hector. And soon! You have no choice. Without it, I could crush you in an instant... but that wouldn't be very satisfying, now would it? You deserve a most gruesome fate for the humiliation you brought upon me 3 years ago. Bereft of the power of devil forging, you cannot hope to pursue me! That is why you will reclaim your powers, and thence, follow where I lead you...
(Isaac starts to walk away then turns back toward Hector)
Isaac: But in the end, the glorious vengeance you seek will not be yours -- t'will be mine!
(Isaac grins and walks through the castle doors as Abel follows, laughing)
Hector: Wait! Isaac!
(Isaac disappears in the darkness of the castle)
Hector: Damn him! So be it. I must descend into darkness and reclaim that accursed power once more... Heed my words. I will hunt you down like the beast you are. I will have my revenge!


Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)

Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Abandoned Castle (Outside the Castle Walls)
Background Music: Flattery with the Secret Arts
When: First meeting with Isaac
CoD Hector.pngHector

Cod offart56.jpgIsaac

Isaac Tests Hector's Abilities
(Camera zooms in on Isaac as he lifts his head)

Isaac: So, you've caught up already.
Hector: Isaac!!
Isaac: (snorts) It's still too soon, but all the same...
(Isaac twirls Chauve-Souris spear)
Isaac: I'll test your abilities and see how much of your power has been restored.
(Isaac readies his spear)


Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)

Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Cordova Town (Town Square)
When: Isaac Boss Fight Beginning
CoD Hector.pngHector

Cod offart56.jpgIsaac Julia Laforeze.pngJulia

An Annoying Interruption
(As Hector and Isaac continue to battle each other, Abel swoops down to attack Hector. Hector ducks the attack, dodges Isaac's spear, then kicks Abel as Abel swoops by again. Hector jumps into the air and punches Abel to the ground then lands back on the ground. Hector dodges Isaac's attacks then backflips away)

Isaac: Ah, how gratifying! Your power is indeed returning... But it's still not enough!
(Isaac starts to rush toward Hector)
Julia: Brother!! Stop!!
Isaac: Julia... Return, Abel!
(Isaac pulls his hand inward summoning Abel back. Hector looks toward Julia)
Hector: Brother?
Isaac: What an annoying interruption. Well, so be it. It's still too early to finish you anyway. Regain more of your power first. You'll need it all if you hope to kill me.
Hector: You're not getting away!
(Hector rushes toward Isaac)
Julia: No! Let him go!
Hector: (sighs) So, I was taken in... You were in league with Isaac all along.
Julia: Think what you like. But I do wish for you to stop him. Honestly.
Hector: Then why did you keep me from him?
Julia: Because it is too soon. You still lack the strength and spirit to defeat him.
Hector: I know that my strength is still growing. But what do you mean by my spirit--
Julia: You must understand this! My brother is in the venomous grip of Lord Dracula's curse. The desires of a single man mean nothing. The curse rules him.
Hector: Then go with Belmont or one of his vampire slayers. Someone you can be sure of.
Julia: No, Hector. You must be the one to defeat him. My brother had always respected you. Only you can free him from the curse. And also... if you are the one to slay him... only then could I live with it.
Hector: I understand... Of course, he is your brother... Forgive me. I was vexed; I did not mean to offend. I will take my leave of you now... and I will do what I can...
(Hector walks away)
Julia: Be vigilant, Hector. I have an ill feeling. It bodes not well.


Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)

Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Cordova Town (Town Square)
Background Music: Followers of Darkness -The Third-, The Siblings' Sad Destiny
When: After the First Isaac Boss Fight
CoD Hector.pngHector

Trevor2FT.pngTrevor Cod offart56.jpgIsaac Cod offart59.jpgZead

Trevor Hunts the Devil Forgemaster
(Isaac and Trevor are engaged in a battle as Hector enters. Trevor dodges the first strike but Isaac manages to scratch him across the chest with the side of a blade at the end of his Chauve-Souris. Trevor retaliates by latching his whip round Isaac's spear thereby locking it in place for a second)

Trevor: You are not without skill.
(Trevor throws up Isaac's spear and quickly kicks him away. Abel dashes toward Trevor from the air, but Trevor quickly tosses throwing knives at Abel making him fall back. Isaac looks toward Trevor with a look of disgust as the two prepare to battle once more. Trevor strikes his whip toward Isaac and the whip latches onto the Chauve-Souris. He pulls Isaac to the left then jerks him to the right, causing Isaac to fall to his knees. Isaac looks toward Trevor with a look of hate as he swings his whip toward him. He backflips away as the whip strikes the ground, breaking the concrete. Trevor strikes again but Isaac quickly flips to the side as Trevor's whip misses and plows up concrete once again. Isaac lands next to his spear and quickly rolls toward it narrowly missing another whip strike. Isaac grabs the spear)
Isaac: Ha! You vanquished Lord Dracula by a fluke, a mere twist of fortune. Yet I grant, you are adept. (looks to the side) Hector?
(Isaac rushes toward Trevor and tries to hit him with the side of his spear. He kicks Trevor's chest as he blocks the attack, and spins his spear and backs off)
Isaac: I need not linger here any longer. I've gotten what I need. But mark me well... I will slay both of you, without fail. Without fail...
(Isaac fades away)
Trevor: So he escaped... He fled when he saw you. There can be no doubt of it, then. You are indeed his enemy.
Hector: Just as I told you when we first met.
Trevor: Be that as it may, I am the one who shall vanquish him. Your meddling is unwelcome. Leave him to me.
(Trevor walks away)
Zead: Pity. How unfortunate. Such a rare opportunity. Squandered...
Hector: On the contrary. To obtain the vengeance I seek, Isaac must be slain by my hand alone. Ergo, nothing was lost.
Zead: Think you so? Then you shall be glad to know where he is bound.
Hector: And where might that be?
Zead: The castle ruins where we first met. Do you remember the place?
Hector: How could I forget?
Zead: Well said. At the top of those ruins, there is a hidden chamber. It's there you shall find him.
Hector: Then that is where I must go. Ah, I'd almost forgotten... Saint Germain gives you his regards.
Zead: (curious) Saint Germain, you say? Did you meet him in the clock tower?
Hector: Just so. He pledged he would no longer interfere in this matter.
(Zead holds up hand and walks to the side trying to deny what he heard)
Zead: It cannot be. No, that is not possible... I must make haste to complete the final touches. I beg your leave. Adieu.
(Zead rushes off quickly. Hector watches suspiciously as Zead departs)


Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)

Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Aiolon Ruins
Background Music: Followers of Darkness -The Third-, Isaac vs Trevor
When: Upon entering the room in the far northeast of Aiolin Ruins
CoD Hector.pngHector

Trevor2FT.pngTrevor Cod offart56.jpgIsaac

Dracula's Castle Revived
(The engraving on the floor in the center of the room where Hector fought Dullahan starts to glow. Hector steps back)

Hector: What is this?
(The engraving lights up more as a crumbling sound is heard. Both Hector, in the Infinite Corridor, and Trevor, in the Abandoned Castle, look round in shock. The scene shifts to the ocean in the Mortvia Aqueduct as a storm rages and Tsunamis start to form. A bridge is shown rising up out of the water followed by a full view of Dracula's Castle connected to the bridge as lightning strikes in the background to foreshadow this unseen turn of events. Back in Infinite Corridor)
Hector: This enormous power... Dracula's castle?
(Back in the Abandoned Castle, Trevor looks round concerned)
Trevor: Have I arrived too late?
(Trevor suddenly leans forward from pain)
Trevor: Groah!
(A dagger is shown exiting Trevor's chest from a backstabbing)
Trevor: Fiend! What are you doing here?
(screen zooms out to show Isaac holding Trevor from behind)
Isaac: I can't have you interfering beyond this point. I left that seal to Hector.
Trevor: Impossible... The seal cannot be undone, except by a torrent of demonic energy. Hector could not know that...
(Isaac looks to the side and grins then plunges the dagger deeper into Trevor's chest as Trevor yells)
Isaac: Do not equate a devil forgemaster's power with that of an ordinary sorcerer. For a seal like that, the magic produced in battle is more than enough. Placing a guard there proved to be your downfall.
Trevor: Grr...
Isaac: Enough talk. (kisses the back of Trevor's head) Time to die!
(Isaac quickly yanks the dagger out of Trevor's back and let him fall to the ground. Trevor falls to his knees then plunges to the floor as blood seeps out from underneath his chest. Isaac's laughing now fills the room and grows louder as the crumbling insues throughout the room)


Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)

Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Infinite Corridor, Abandoned Castle (Castle Keep)
Background Music: Reviving Dracula's Castle, The Power of a Hunter
When: After Dullahan Boss Fight
CoD Hector.pngHector

Cod offart56.jpgIsaac

A Battle of Devil Forgemasters
(Hector and Isaac meet in a reddish colored room near the top of the Dracula's Castle)

Isaac: You resurrected the castle, Hector. Bravo. (claps)
Hector: You want me to regain my powers. Now I see why. I fell right into your plot... After 3 years of peace, I'd lost my edge.
Isaac: And I've sharpened mine. I've been waiting quite a long time to plot my revenge. Not only did my Lord die because of you -- you stripped me of my pride, my home. Now I shall make you suffer as I suffered. You shall die a most painful, gruesome death.
(Isaac takes out his Laser Blade and prepares for the battle)


Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)

Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Dracula's Castle 7F
When: Second Isaac Boss Fight Beginning
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