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"He loved me. We made a child. Something new and wonderful will have come from all this."
Sypha Belnades

It's Been a Strange Ride is the tenth episode of the fourth season, the 32nd episode overall, and the final episode of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


Not content to live in a cage, Lenore chooses another fate. Alucard opens his castle. Sypha wonders if she's lost Belmont for good.


Two weeks have passed since Trevor seemingly sacrificed himself to defeat Death.


As dawn approaches in the newly conquered Styrian castle, Hector uses the remaining wine in a bottle to fill two glasses halfway. He gives one of them to Lenore and says it's nearly her bedtime. She wants to keep drinking, but the wine supply is dry. Lenore feels that everything is over and pointless. Hector believes things just changed, but apparently vampires aren't big on change. Lenore doesn't think Hector understands Carmilla at all. She believes that at the core of all, Carmilla's chaotic plans was the "vampire's virtue". Vampires desire for everything to remain the same, for everything to be stable.

Lenore states that strength can be used to create a stable environment, but Hector argues that Carmilla wanted power to rule the world. Lenore still thinks it came from that virtue, but Hector doesn't agree. He thinks that Carmilla wanted power and Lenore wanted strength. Lenore admits that Carmilla's ambition turned into a lust for power in the end, which ruined her life. She also adds that power doesn't do anything but consume, just like a vampire.

Frustrated, Lenore shatters her wine glass and confesses that she's been living a lie now being kept as a dangerous animal under King Isaac. Hector doesn't believe Isaac will harm Lenore, but she doesn't want to sit in a cage. She apologizes for what comes next and leaves him behind, but Lenore refuses to exist this way, even with Hector. Hector attempts to stop her, but Lenore wishes to see what's so special about the sun, effectively announcing her intention to take her own life. He accepts that she needs to be free and tells her he's going to write a book. Hector has found the value and the beauty of things that exist longer than himself and plans to record their mistakes, so no one in the future repeats them.

Lenore walks outside as the sun rises and looks out into the mountainous valley. As the sunlight gleams from between the mountains, Lenore notices Hector behind her and asks if that's all there is to the sun. Unimpressed, Lenore laughs and tells Hector he's a silly man before turning to ash from the sun before his eyes while smiling at him. Hector watches with grief, unable to smile back right away, but then walks to the spot where Lenore died and returns his smile while facing the sun.

Dracula's castle[]

Meanwhile, at the Belmont Hold and Dracula's castle, Greta's refugees pick up the destroyed pieces of the area and work to rebuild. Greta and Alucard go back and forth over who's idea it was. It was Alucard's, but Greta refused to let it go. Alucard asks if it's okay for everyone to stay regardless since he's uncomfortable with people. Greta claims that her people are used to Alucard, and he'll become more comfortable over time. He's been playing with the children, and some of them even call him "father". Alucard doesn't have the heart to break it to them; something Greta points out is very human of him.

Sypha exits the castle after being alone for two weeks. Alucard goes to greet her, and she asks for a horse. Sypha plans on returning to her people to help raise her and Trevor's child that she's pregnant with. Alucard congratulates her, but Sypha knows that he already knew and gave Trevor a much less congratulatory sentiment. Sypha prepares to leave, but Alucard asks her to stay. He reveals that a community is building around them. The refugees aren't returning to Danesti. They're staying to create a new village with schools using the hold and castle.

Greta enters the conversation and explains that this place has all the perfect resources. She also needs Sypha to help Alucard live his life and implores her to stay and make life better for their children than it was for them. Alucard even plans to name the village "Belmont", a perfect name for confusing everyone. Sypha opens up to the idea of living in a place called Belmont and puts her bag down.

Sypha points out several problems with the village already, as Alucard listens with a satisfied smile. She tells Alucard to keep his horses tied up as one rides down toward the castle. The three of them confront it and are surprised to find a heavily injured Trevor falling off of it. Trevor believes that Saint Germain opened the Infinite Corridor just before he died to save him. He embraces Sypha and tells her that he was most afraid of her naming their child "Trefor". She calls him a rude idiot like she always does, but Sypha tells Trevor that she loves him this time.

While Sypha looks for help to treat Trevor's injuries, Alucard asks him about the dagger he used to defeat Death. Trevor explains that he found the pieces of a dagger that a mad wizard created to intact a suicide pact with God. Therefore, Trevor knew that it was probably going to kill him but had no choice. He asks what these people are doing around, and Alucard welcomes him to the new village, "Treffy". Trevor notices that Alucard is weirdly happy, and he even admits it. For the first time in his life, Alucard has no idea what will happen next, but he believes everything will be okay.

Sypha gets emotional while Trevor gets help. Greta checks on her, and as tears flow from her eyes, Sypha declares that they've finally won.

Unknown village[]

Elsewhere, in some rainy unmarked village, Dracula and Lisa live. They stay at an inn together and discuss what happened. Neither of them understands how they came to be resurrected, but they're happy to get a second chance at a life together. Lisa tells him to get used to calling himself Vlad from now on, and Dracula laughs while asking if this is what they really need to be talking about.

When Lisa died Dracula wasn't there. When Dracula died he came to find her instead of usurping Satan as Lisa expected. Dracula admits that his first sane moment since she perished was just after he died himself. While he's calm, Lisa is annoyed because she can't figure out how they came to be alive again. She asks if Dracula has a theory, but all he knows is what she does, that they woke up in a field and had to steal clothes.

The two of them decide not to return to the castle because their son deserves closure. Instead, Dracula wants to travel to a small place where the sun barely shines, somewhere remote where they can live together happily. They decide to embrace their second chance and this brand new future, falling asleep together, hand in hand.



Lenore: As a quartet, my sisters and I had strength. The strength to enforce a stable environment. Strength can fight a war, yes, but it can also build a shelter. Are you following me?
Hector: Just bumping into things along the way. Small shapes are stronger than big ones, Lenore. Carmilla wanted more than a weatherproof shelter.
Lenore: In the end. But it all came from that virtue, do you see?
Hector: Strength and power are different. You wanted strength. Carmilla wanted power.
Lenore: In the end, yes. That's what it turned into. Which is what ruined my life. Power. Big, international, non-diplomatic, projected power is something else. It lends you more might, but it doesn't have the utilities of strength. It lays eggs in you. It becomes a parasite you have to feed. Power does nothing but eat.
Lenore: And I'm not going to sit in a cage, Hector. Not even with you. I'm sorry for everything you went through. And I'm sorry I can't be here to help you through... whatever comes next. But I refuse to exist like this. And I want to see what's so special about this sun you keep talking about.
Hector: Lenore, don't.
Lenore: Hector, it's fine. It's what I want to do.
Hector: Be free, Lenore.
Lenore: What will you do?
Hector: I think I'm going to write a book. The future should know the mistakes we made. And recently, I've been caused to know the value... and the beauty... of things that live longer than I do.
Lenore: Is that all there is to it? Hector, you are a silly man.
Trevor: You know what scared me the most?
Sypha: What?
Trevor: That you might end up calling the kid Trefor after all.
Sypha: How did you even know?
Trevor: Please. This is me. How do you think I've managed to stay single and carefree all these years?
Sypha: Can someone please come over here and kill this man?
Trevor: It's won't be hard.
Sypha: You are a rude idiot, Trevor Belmont.
Trevor: I know.
Sypha: And I love you.
Trevor: I know.
Alucard: Welcome to my village.
Trevor: You have a village now? What's it called?
Alucard: Treffy.
Trevor: Can someone please come over here and kill me?
(Alucard chuckles)
Trevor: You look weirdly happy.
Alucard: I... I weirdly am. It's been a strange ride. I'm happy it's over. The funny thing is, for the first time in my life, I have absolutely no idea what happens next. I just have feeling that it's going to be worth it. That's exactly it. I'm weirdly happy.
Greta: Are you all right?
Sypha: I think so? I think we finally won.
Dracula: I'm not going to get better without you.
Lisa: And I was never going to be better without you. We have a second chance.
Dracula: And a brand-new future.