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The Grand Cross, one of the most well known Item Crashes.

An Item Crash (originally known as Item Crush, or colloquially as "Super Attack"), unleashes the hidden power of a sub-weapon. These kind of attacks were first introduced in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, and since then have become a staple in the Castlevania series. Performing an Item Crash costs many more Hearts than the normal sub-weapon's attack, but generally unleashes a devastating attack that may be capable of killing all enemies on screen, or greatly diminish a boss's HP.

Game specific information

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

Richter Belmont

  • Dagger: Thousand Edge - Richter throws a barrage of knives forward. Very useful against some standing bosses.
  • Axe: Richter levitates into the air while axes rotate around him in a circle. The axes then fly out, damaging all enemies on screen. Mostly useless against bosses, but useful against normal enemies.
  • Holy Water: Hydro Storm - Richter levitates into the air, and a rain of holy water is summoned all over the screen, dealing damage to enemies and great damage to bosses. The rain will last a few seconds.
  • Cross: Grand Cross - Richter levitates into the air, and a Giant Cross is shown in the center of the screen. Then, this Cross will fly from down to up, covering all the screen with its attack, before it vanish.
  • Magic Book: Richter throws a circle of bible pages, which continuously spins and goes forward, damaging enemies in front of him.
  • Pocket Watch: Richter summons twelve stars, with the same position of the twelve numbers of a clock, damaging all enemies near them. Good, but very expensive in Hearts cost.
  • Key: Richter levitates into the air, but nothing happens. Don't use it on a moving platform, or you will surely fall down.
  • No sub-weapon: Flame Whip - Richter levitates into the air, gaining fire powers into his body, then swings a longer, wider version of his whip, covered with flames. It lasts only for one attack.

Maria Renard

  • Red Bird: Summon Suzaku - The great bird Suzaku is summoned, picks up Maria and fires a shower of fireballs all over the screen in a similar way to Richter's Hydro Storm.
  • Cat: Summon Byakko - A white tiger appears to pick up Maria and run over an enemy on his level, damaging him.
  • Dragon: Summon Seiryuu - A big dragon covers about all the screen, dealing big damage to all enemies. However, its Hearts cost is very expensive.
  • Tortoise: Summon Genbu - A big turtle will appear from the background, damaging all enemies on the screen.
  • Songbook: Twelve musical notes will appear all over the screen and stay there for several seconds, dealing continuous damage to enemies that touch them before disappearing.
  • Egg: Maria will drop an egg, which breaks open and a circle of birds emerges from it, with a red bird in the center of them. They will then fly off to one side of the screen, damaging all enemies in their path.
  • Key: Maria just jumps, but nothing happens. It is not recommended to use it on a moving platform, as the player will surely fall down.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Richter Belmont

  • Knife: Thousand Edge - Richter throws knives forward in a continuous motion. These knives paralyze enemies upon impact and deal about 10 damage each. You can turn left or right while still throwing, but jumping ends the attack.
  • Cross: Holy Cross - Richter accumulates energy, then he levitates into the air, covered with a large light beam, and giant crosses are summoned, from the floor to the air, to revolve around the beam which then spreads out dealing damages to all the screen.
  • Agunea: Lightning Bolt - Richter punches the air and lightning spreads out from his fist, damaging all enemies on screen.
  • Holy Water: Hydro Storm - Richter points into the air while shouting "HYDRO STORM!" A rain of holy water upon his enemies, dealing high amounts of damage to all enemies on-screen. This storm will move with Richter and dies out after several moments. This can also destroy candles and fake walls.
  • Axe: Richter levitates into the air while axes rotate around him in a circle. The axes then fly out, damaging all enemies on screen.
  • Bible: The Bible flies into the air and duplicates, like satellites, above and behind Richter. These rotate at a rapid pace forming a symbol in the air, which then blasts a rainbow-colored powerful beam straight ahead.
  • Vibhuti: Richter points into the air and, from his finger, a cloudy eruption of white ashes damages anything unfortunate enough to be caught there.
  • Stopwatch: Richter summons four clocks that do the same thing as the normal Stopwatch. When they end their countdown, each clock will fire a bolt of lightning straight ahead as they vanish.
  • Rebound Stone: Richter points into the air and, from his finger, numerous stones are sent upward, damaging enemies above him. Once about 8 stones are accumulated in the same place, a flash will fill the screen, damaging all enemies.
  • No sub-weapon: Flame Whip - Richter swings his arms, accumulating energy into his body and, for about 30 seconds, his Vampire Killer whip is enveloped with flame when he attacks (his body flashes red-orange during this time period). Besides a gain in damage, fire-element is added to his normal attacks.

Maria Renard (The Dracula X Chronicles)

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Pluto + Salamander - By performing the ↓ ←(→) ↑ + [Attack] combination, Nathan Graves unleashes his current sub-weapon's Item Crush. Each one costs 4 MP and a determined number of Hearts.

  • Empty: Nathan leaps into the air and summons 128 stars, each one as strong as a strike from his whip. This is the strongest Item Crush Nathan has. 100 Hearts.
  • Knife: Nathan shoots 64 spears, an attack which is approximately as strong as 10% (22% in Shooter Mode) of his whip. He can switch his vision while continuing the Item Crush. During this period, he is invulnerable. 20 Hearts.
  • Axe: Nathan leaps into the air and throws eight spinning axes, which is as strong as 79% (158% in Shooter Mode) of his whip. 8 Hearts.
  • Holy Water: For 8.5 seconds, Nathan summons a rain of holy water which damages the enemy by 22% (39% in Shooter Mode) of his damage by whip. The rain hits all enemies approximately once every second. 20 Hearts.
  • Crucifix: Nathan leaps into the air and casts a pillar of light surrounded by spinning crosses. It damages the enemy at 100% (198% in Shooter Mode) of his damage by whip. 15 Hearts.
  • Clock: Nathan summons four golden clocks which affect enemies more than a normal clock, and damages the enemy by throwing all clocks after the countdown reaches 0. The damage is as strong as Nathan's whip. 40 Hearts.

Item Data

Item Data: Item Crash
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Item Crash (jpn) [alt] - Symphony of the Night [edit]
' Action
Richter, Maria (DXC only) 
Sequence: [Crash] (default PS button is triangle)
Effect: Perform item crash attack with currently equipped Sub-Weapon
Pluto + Salamander (Item Crush) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Item Crush attack is unleashed. DSS Effect
Consume: 4 MP + Hearts  Create: Pluto + Salamander
Sequence: ↓ ←(→) ↑ + Attack
Effect: Nathan unleashes his current sub-weapon's Item Crush.


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