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"I remember being out in the woods. And a girl who liked talking.
I remember that I liked her. And I liked what she said."
— Jacques to Edouard in "Guilty Men to be Judged"

Jacques (ジャック Jakku?) is a character in the Netflix original animated series, Castlevania: Nocturne. He is a young French revolutionary who gets captured and killed by vampires one night, and is brought back to life as a night creature.

He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


Jacques is a member of Maria Renard's revolutionaries, presumably also from the town of Machecoul. He is seen acting as a guard for her and the group of townsfolk she is speaking to in the woods about the upcoming revolution building up in France, when they are attacked by vampires. He helps lead the group back to town while Maria and Richter Belmont go to talk to the Abbot.

Later that night, Jacques is seen leaving the town pub in a seeming state of tipsiness, when he is attacked by the Marchioness, an aristocrat female vampire. He is brought to the Marquis's château, where he is further dined upon by the vampires to the point of death and thrown atop a pile of corpses. The following night, Jacques' corpse is seen on a cart being brought to the Abbot for transformation into a night creature.

As a night creature, Jacques loses the memories of his previous life. When placed as a guard in the abbey's cellar to watch over Edouard, he is reminded of his humanity by the latter and recalls faint memories of Maria. A few days later, Jacques rebels against the hostile night creatures and allies with Edouard. When Annette descends into the cellars to attempt to rescue Edouard, Jacques manages to communicate with the night creature that has many mouths and both retrain the Chief Torturer while he was about to kill her, allowing the latter to kill him with her sword instead.


Jacques is a young man in his twenties. He has long red hair, which he keeps a bit unkempt and tied with a ribbon on the back in a loose ponytail. He wears a brown coat, a light green vest and green pants. He also wears a blue scarf tied around his neck and can usually be seen carrying his trusty musket.

After being transformed into a night creature, Jacques adopted the form of what appears to be a hippogriff-humanoid hybrid, developing a quadruped lower body with scaled legs, each with three clawed fingers, and with the skin around his shoulders forming a cape of sorts with a bat wing-like design. His face also got perpetually covered with a mask made of a hard material that only allows to see his eyes, which now have a reddish tint. Additionally, he is now usually seen wielding a spear, giving him the overall appearance of a sentinel.


Jacques is a quiet young man, but seemingly goodhearted and also brave. He attends Maria's revolutionary reunion in the woods and gets inspired and encouraged by her words calling for justice. The fact that he is one of the few men to bring a firearm, as well as Maria trusting him to lead the other villagers safely back to town, hints on him also being protective and trustworthy to be put in charge.

He retained most of these qualities after being turned into a night creature, and it doesn't take him much to start remembering his past life as a human and make an alliance with Edouard and other creatures.

Powers and abilities[]

Jacques is first shown with a rifle, denoting he has some skill with firearms, though any skills he has seem to disappear when he's inebriated, as seen when he misses shooting the Marchioness. As a night creature, he gains the speed, strength and sharp claws typical of their kind, as well as a spear when guarding the cellar of the abbey.


Season 1
1-01. A Common Enemy in Evil
1-02. Horror Beyond Nightmares
1-03. Freedom was Sweeter
1-04. Horrors Rising from the Earth
1-05. The Natural Order
1-06. Guilty Men to be Judged
1-07. Blood is the Only Way
1-08. Devourer of Light



Concept art[]


  • It is implied that Jacques had an interest in Maria.[2] Likewise, Maria looked very dismayed when she saw Jacques corpse at the Vendée, implying at least a friendship between the two.


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