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For the complete original timeline, see Castlevania Timeline.

The Judgment Timeline is a mixture of different periods from where each character are originally from. The Judgment Timeline recaps all the events occurring in the traditional timeline and includes the time when characters enter the time rift. Only Dracula remembers all characters for he enters the rift and knows every single hero that has defeated him up until Eric.

According to IGA: "So as many of you know, the Castlevania timeline goes over 1000 years", "And there is a character trying to destroy that timeline. Due to magic forces, a variety of characters from different eras are brought together."[1]

  • 1094 (events of Lament of Innocence): A man named Mathias Cronqvist loses his faith in God because his wife died of an illness. In his plot against God, he betrays his best friend, Leon Belmont, and the Vampire Killer whip is born in the process. Death begins serving his new master and Mathias eventually becomes Dracula.
  • Around 1470: Carmilla and other children of the night cause darkness in humans hearts to launch the great witch trials. Many of Sypha's fellow sisters are killed in the events. It is unclear when Carmilla enters the rift.
  • Around 1471: Sypha Belnades becomes a hunter for the Church, then enters the Time Rift.
  • 1475: Dracula's second wife, Lisa, is wrongly burned as a witch. Her son Alucard witnesses this event and she makes him promise not to let harm come to humans. Enraged, Vlad would prepare for a war to cleanse humanity and soon attain the position of "Demon King".
  • 1476 (events of Dracula's Curse): Sypha is sent to stop Dracula's advance, but is captured and then rescued by Trevor Belmont. With the help of Alucard and Grant, they defeated Dracula for the first time. Trevor would soon marry Sypha.
  • 1479 (events of Curse of Darkness): Trevor senses renewed activity of Dracula's cult and sets out to investigate. Along the way he enters the time rift. When he returns from it, he soon fights Dracula's former general Hector, but when he realizes that Hector is on his side, they oppose the other devil forgemaster Isaac. Dracula's Castle is reborn in the struggle and Hector puts a stop to it. Grant also enters the time rift at some point.
  • 1691 (events of Castlevania): Dracula revives 100 years after his defeat at the hands of Christopher Belmont, but is destroyed by Simon Belmont. Dracula placed a curse on him during the battle, however.
  • 1692: Simon is dispatching the last of Dracula's forces and then enters the time rift.
  • 1792 (events of Rondo of Blood): Maria's powers awaken after a spell is cast upon her by the dark priest Shaft. Richter Belmont saves her. and together they defeat Dracula 100 years after Simon's victory over him. Carmilla and Death fail to stop them.
  • 1795: Maria enters the time rift.
  • 1797 (events of Symphony of the Night): Alucard defeats an early revived Dracula a second time, this time alone. Maria then convinces Alucard not to return to slumber and they begin a relationship of sorts.
  • Early 1800s: The entire Belmont Clan vanishes into thin air for some reason. Barlowe founds the Order of Ecclesia and raises Shanoa and Albus to be its warriors in hopes of defeating Dracula without the Vampire Killer.
  • Some time after the early 1800s (events of Order of Ecclesia): Shanoa is about to receive Dominus to be used against Dracula, which is based on Dracula's own powers, but Albus steals it. She chases Albus and he gives her pieces of it over time, but then she enters the time rift.
  • 1844 (events of Legacy of Darkness): Cornell is undergoing training when he enters the time rift and finds he cannot change back to human form. When he returns from the time rift, he finds his village in flames and his sister kidnapped and sets out to find her. In exchange for saving Ada, his man-beast power is stolen and utilized by Dracula to fuel his return to Earth via reincarnation for a powerful early revival.
  • 1800s: The Vampire Killer whip is passed to the Morris family until the Belmonts' return. Alucard creates the Alucard Spear for close support of the Vampire Killer's power and gives it to the Lecarde family.
  • 1897: Eric Lecarde and his childhood friend John Morris witness Quincy Morris defeat Dracula. John would go on to inherit the Vampire Killer whip, while Eric would receive the Alucard Spear at about the same time, training diligently with it.
  • 1907: Eric Lecarde enters the time rift.
  • 1917 (events of Bloodlines): Eric and John would stop Elizabeth Bartley from resurrecting Dracula.
  • 1999: Only confirmed full power resurrection of Dracula. End of Dracula's Dark Lord reign at the hands of Julius Belmont.
  • 10,000 AD (events of Judgment): Galamoth sends the Time Reaper to Dracula's time period in order to destroy him and take his place as Dark Lord.

Other occurrences are:

  • Sypha is trapped before she is sent to hunt Dracula in Dracula's Curse, thus she does not know any of the Dracula's Curse cast.
  • Grant and Trevor get trapped after the events of Dracula's Curse.
  • Alucard is also trapped after the events of Dracula's Curse and Symphony of the Night since he recognizes Maria.
  • Maria, on the other hand, does not know Alucard since she comes from the time period where she is still 15 years old.
  • Shanoa gets trapped during the time Albus escapes in Order of Ecclesia.
  • Eric Lecarde gets trapped before the events of Bloodlines.
  • Dracula's era would be sometime after 1917 (Bloodlines era), since he knows all characters, whereas, only a few recognize him. It's possible he is from 1999, considering that he is fully powered in Judgment, and was not fully powered in 1944 (events of Portrait of Ruin).


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