Aria of SorrowEdit

Julius Belmont

(Referred to as "J") Suffers from amnesia that was triggered by a traumatic incident that he experienced in 1999. J possesses amazing powers of magic and is extremely fearful of the resurrection of Dracula.

Dawn of SorrowEdit

A descendant of a clan of vampire hunters, he wields a generations-old whip named "Vampire Killer." He lost his memory when he defeated Dracula in 1999, and only regained it during last year's incident. He now assists the Church in their undertakings.

Harmony of DespairEdit

The only man to completely destroy Dracula. He can lash his whip in all directions; just hold down the attack button and use the directional pad. Julius's whip can also be used to latch onto and hang from magnets; just keep the button held down.