"Do not underestimate the power of my bloodline!!"
— Juste to Dracula Wraith

Juste Belmont (ジュスト・ベルモンド Jusuto Berumondo?, Juste Belmondo) (/ʒyst/) is the main protagonist in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. He is part of the Belmont Clan as the grandson of Simon Belmont and the ancestor of Richter Belmont. Juste is considered powerful even among his family for his prodigious magical talent derived from the Belnades Clan.

Character's history

"The main character of the story who is a blood descendant of the Belmont clan, renowned for being the fiercest of vampire hunters. The Belmont clan's magical power is partly derived from blood ties to the Fernandez family.
Having abilities considered prodigious even among his family members, he inherited the whip passed down from his forefathers at the young age of sixteen and has inherited the title of Vampire Killer."
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance instruction booklet description.

After Simon's great effort fighting against Count Dracula, the long-hated Belmont family was reconciled with the residents. Simon was regarded as a life-saver, and people started to look upon him as a hero; little by little, the people started to gather around them. A village, therefore, was formed around the Belmonts. Juste would later grew up in this environment with his childhood friends Maxim Kischine and Lydie Erlanger.[1]

Once every century, when Dracula resurrects, the power he has attracts all other monsters and evils, which all resurrect alongside him. It's the calling of the Belmont family to hunt all these monsters and hone their skills to prepare themselves for the fight against Dracula. Furthermore, Juste was tasked with hunting Dracula's body parts.[1][2]

Maxim returns two years later from a training expedition, wounded and amnesiac, and claims that Lydie was kidnapped. Ignoring his bodily injuries, he leads Juste to the place where he believes Lydie is being held captive. Passing through thick fog, the two men happen upon a castle undocumented on any map. Not being able to continue, Maxim holds back in order to recover while Juste sets forth on his own. Chased inside by a giant undead knight, Juste has no other choice but to find Lydie with only his trustworthy Vampire Killer whip and a bracelet both he and Maxim share.

After journeying through Dracula's castle, Juste learns what truly happened during Maxim's training expedition. Maxim, wishing to prove he was stronger than Juste, had collected Dracula's remains, like Simon Belmont had done 50 years before. However, this plan backfired and Maxim ended up getting possessed by the dark influence of Dracula's remains.

Because of this, Maxim ended up developing a second personality — a dark Maxim — through which Dracula's will spoke, and Juste would meet in the Sky Walkway. This evil side of Maxim was the one who kidnapped Lydie and left Maxim with his amnesia so he could lead Juste to the castle. Another result of this divide was that the castle has been split as well: there were two castles, or rather two sides of the same castle, connected by portals, each representing one side of Maxim's mind as the castle's creator.

The player's actions and whether or not Juste was wearing both Maxim's and his own bracelets affected Maxim's fate, giving the player access to multiple endings.


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