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Kid Dracula, known in Japan as Akumajō Special: Boku Dracula-kun (悪魔城すぺしゃる ぼくドラキュラくん(ゲームボーイ版)? lit. "Demon Castle Special: I'm Kid Dracula"), is a 1993 action-adventure platformer game developed and published by Konami for the Nintendo Game Boy handheld video game system. It is a rearrangement of the Famicom game Akumajō Special: Boku Dracula-kun (later officially released worldwide also under the title of Kid Dracula). The game was released under the name Kid Dracula in the United States, but retained its Boku Dracula-kun title in Japan.

As a self-parody of Castlevania, it is non-canonical to the series.


This game is a sequel/reimagining to the events of the original Kid Dracula. Garamoth has returned and it's up to Kid Dracula to stop him once again; however, he seems to have forgotten most of his spells. Also, many of his minions have turned against him and joined Garamoth. Death remains by his side, however, and gives him tips and heirlooms from his father, Count Dracula, along the way.


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Stage Name Bosses Music
1 Stage 1 Child Ghost
Parent Ghost
Grandparent Ghost
2 Stage 2 Jason
3 Stage 3 Chicken
4 Stage 4 Big Robot
5 Stage 5 Mecha-Garamoth
6 Stage 6 Kirin
7 Stage 7 Hard Metal
8 Stage 8 Garamoth the Magnificent

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Magic Spells

Kid Dracula forgot all of his Magic Spells since his last battle with Garamoth, except for Bat Transformation. He re-learns them in this game, and picks up some new ones.

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