Konami Famicom Music Memorial Best Vol. 3 contains the soundtrack for Akumajō Special: Boku Dracula-kun, Ai Senshi Nicol and Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Parsley Castle. The music was composed by the Konami Kukeiha Club and it was released on February 21, 1991 in Japan.

Track list

  1. Good Morning, Draccy
  2. Go Go at the Castle
  3. Hop and Step Above the Clouds
  4. Water Cha Cha
  5. Everything Falls Down, Ouch Ouch Ouch
  6. Calling Tiffany
  7. Sucharaka Pyramid
  8. Oh No! Watch Out
  9. Liquor Battle
  10. Bye Bye, Draccy
  11. Advancing Nicol, Take Back the Steel!
  12. Fighting Nicol, Soldier of Love
  13. Search for the Crystal Diamond
  14. Destroy the Devil's Ambition
  15. It's Still Alive! Falling to the Bottom
  16. It Fights! Believe in the Power of Love
  17. Blocked Heart
  18. Opening
  19. The Fight
  20. Run!
  21. GO!
  22. Preserving the Flower
  23. Twinbee Takeoff!
  24. Fighting in the Jungle
  25. Candy Dance
  26. Puzzle World
  27. Speed Action
  28. Invitation to the Demon World (10 Zillion Light Years Away - Ryukotsuki medley)
  29. Ruin Star
  30. Japanese-style Fortress
  31. Return of Frogger
  32. Invitation to the Demon Castle (Vampire Killer - Bloody Tears - Black Night medley)
  33. Direct Action
  34. Eternal Dream ~My Castle~

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