Konami Game Music: Classic Castlevania is a compilation of the original soundtracks from Castlevania and Haunted Castle.

Track listEdit

  1. Underground (Naming BGM)
  2. Prologue (Start BGM)
  3. Vampire Killer (Breaking into the castle BGM)
  4. Starker (Tower BGM)
  5. Wicked Child (Outdoors BGM)
  6. Walking on the Edge (Underground BGM)
  7. Heart of Fire (Dracula's castle main building BGM)
  8. Out of Time (Clock Tower BGM)
  9. Nothing to Lose (Last Stage BGM)
  10. Poison Mind (Boss BGM)
  11. Black Night (Last Boss BGM)
  12. Voyager (Ending)
  13. Revival Dracula
  14. Tragedy Wedding March
  15. Without Forgetting the Cross
  16. The Satan's Revival
  17. Fight and Again
  18. Satans' Lullabies
  19. It Is Not Possible to Return Any Longer
  20. Tears of Blood
  21. Melody of Basement Fear of Clock Tower
  22. It Is Not Possible to Wait Until the Night
  23. Room of Dracula
  24. The Last Fight
  25. Ending Collapse of Satan Castle
  26. Never End
  27. Lullaby Sent to Satans

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