Konami Game Music Collection Vol. 1 is a compilation soundtrack that includes music from Haunted Castle, as well as other Konami franchises such as Gradius II: GOFER no Yabou (Vulcan Venture), Labyrinth Runner (Trick Trap) and Checkered Flag. The music was composed by Konami Kukeiha Club and it was released on August 5, 1988.

Track listEdit

This list only includes tracks from Haunted Castle. For a complete track list, go to its page at

33. Reviving Dracula (Title Demo)
34. Wedding March of Tragedy (Start Demo)
35. Cross on the Breast (Graveyard BGM)
36. Revival of the Devil (Boss BGM)
37. Fight Again (Pattern Clear)
38. Lullaby of the Devils (Cave BGM)
39. No More Turning Back (Midway Demo)
40. Bloody Tears (Inside the Castle (1F) BGM)
41. Basement Melody ~ Clock Tower Fear (Inside the Castle (Underground) BGM ~ Clock Tower BGM)
42. Can't Wait Until the Night (Bridge Stage BGM)
43. Dracula's Room (Final Boss First Half)
44. The Final Battle (Final Boss Second Half)
45. Ending · Collapse of the Devil's Castle (Ending Demo)
46. Never End (Game Over)
47. A Lullaby Sent to the Devils (Ranking)

Additional informationEdit

  • Tracks 01-16: Gradius II: Gofer's Ambition (Vulcan Venture).
  • Tracks 17-32: Labyrinth Runner (Trick Trap).
  • Tracks 33-47: Haunted Castle.
  • Tracks 48-58: Checkered Flag.
  • Wedding March of Tragedy is an cover of Felix Mendelssohn's Wedding March.

Sheet musicEdit

Sheet music for "Wedding march of Tragedy" and "Cross on the Breast".

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