Konami Magazine is a Konami's free magazine that was passed out at the Japanese video game shop.

Special Volume (August 1990)Edit

Volume 1 (April 1997)Edit

Volume 2 (June 1997)Edit

Volume 3 (July 1997)Edit

Volume 4 (September 1997)Edit

Page 62 and 63, See Konami Magazine - Nocturne in the Moonlight comic

Volume 5 (November 1997)Edit

Volume 6 (March 1998)Edit

Volume 7 (May 1998)Edit

Volume 9 (October 1998)Edit

Volume 10 (December 1998)Edit

Volume 11 (March 1999)Edit

Volume 14 (September 1999)Edit

Volume 15 (December 1999)Edit

Volume 18 (September 2000)Edit

Volume 19 (November 2000)Edit

Volume 20 (March 2001)Edit

Volume 21 (July 2001)Edit

Volume 24 (April 2002)Edit

Volume 25 (July 2002)Edit

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