Konami Magazine is a Konami's free magazine that was passed out at the Japanese video game shop.

Special Volume (August 1990)Edit

Volume 1 (April 1997)Edit

Volume 2 (June 1997)Edit

Volume 3 (July 1997)Edit

Volume 4 (September 1997)Edit

Page 62 and 63, See Konami Magazine Nocturne in the Moonlight Comic

Volume 5 (November 1997)Edit

Volume 6 (March 1998)Edit

Volume 7 (May 1998)Edit

Volume 9 (October 1998)Edit

Volume 10 (December 1998)Edit

Volume 11 (March 1999)Edit

Volume ?? (?? 1999)Edit

Volume 20 (March 2001)Edit

Volume 21 (July 2001)Edit

Volume 25 (July 2002)Edit

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