Konami Masterpiece Series (コナミ名作シリーズ Konami Meisaku Shirīzu?) is a series released for mobile phones developed and published by Konami Digital Entertainment Japan from April 5, 2006 to March 5, 2008 in Japan.


Among the Konami's retro games in the past with Famicom and MSX, it consists of remake conversions of popular works. Action games are primarily converted and some works may have been modified in accordance with mobile phones, but in some cases it is almost the same original game. Currently, it is offered at i-mode, Yahoo! mobile, EZweb, and compatible models are basically limited only to FOMA 90x series and later, SoftBank 3G only, BREW (depending on the work are cases in which it is not possible to operate with the model). However, currently only Penguin Adventure and Rush 'n Attack correspond to mova 505 or more, FOMA 70x series (i-appli), 256 K (S! Appli).

List of seriesEdit

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