Kumulo and Nimbler are a pair of bosses in Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge. This duo will try to pierce the player with their trident spears and fry them with fiery missiles.


Kumulo and Nimbler are two minotaur-like statues, one on each side of the room, who wield gigantic trident spears. These can be stuck on the ground to attack Christopher or trap him in the corner. The pair can also spew three fiery projectiles from their mouths that can be destroyed by the player.

Their heads are their feeble spots, so the player has to jump on the floating platform to reach the top of these behemoths.

Enemy DataEdit

Name JPN Alt. Name
Kumulo and Nimbler Twin Trident -
Plant Castle



  • They are named after types of clouds: cumulus and nimbus.
  • The North American instruction booklet for Belmont's Revenge mistakenly states Kumulo and Nimbler are the bosses of Cloud Castle, which may be a reference to their names, although they are actually the bosses of Plant Castle.