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"You are here to fight us? You're here to convince the people that nomad black magicians are good for Gresit, and it is the presence of men of God that brought the night hordes upon us?"
— The Leader Priest in "Labyrinth"

The "Leader Priest" (主任司教 Shunin Shikyō?, lit. "Chief Bishop") (unofficial name) is a minor antagonist in the Netflix original series, Castlevania.

He was a member of Gresit's Church and a direct subordinate of its corrupt Bishop. He belonged to a group of equally corrupted priests who acted as the Bishop's personal thugs and who were often put in charge of doing all the dirty work.

He was voiced by Matt Lowe in the English version of the show.


After the Bishop forces a deal upon Trevor Belmont in which the Speakers would have to be sacrificed in order to calm the citizens of Gresit under the idea that they had brought the attacks of the night horde (as well as to deviate the possibility of them blaming them on the Church), Trevor returns to the hut where the Speakers are hiding and gives them the news that they'll all be killed before sunset. Nevertheless, instead of complying with the insane Bishop's orders, he sends them to hide in the catacomb where he rescued Sypha for their own safety.

As warned, that afternoon the priests of the cathedral gather an angry mob to lynch the Speakers, guided by the Leader Priest. However, when they arrive to the hut, they only find Trevor alone inside. The leader confronts him and orders him to surrender the Speakers so the city can be saved, and starts slapping him. The priest makes it clear that Trevor can't do anything against them, as the people would never believe that the men of God had brought such misfortune upon the city. Trevor turns his back to the priest and starts talking about the past heroics of his family, while he secretly prepares for battle under his cloak while the former isn't watching. When Trevor finishes his speech, the leader priest takes out a long knife from his robe (and all the other priests brandish one as well). Before they can attack, though, Trevor quickly throws kunai at their hands, disarming them all, and charges against the leader, heavily hitting him on the neck with his elbow and knocking him out of the hut. The mob awaiting outside stares astonished how Trevor puts the leader priest out of commission and uses this distraction to escape.

It's unknown if the Leader Priest survived after this, although it's more plausible that he died from the severe trauma he suffered on the neck, as well as the following night horde attack, as he's never seen again after that night.

Appearance and personality[]

At first glance, the Leader Priest looks like a usual man of the clergy; a middle aged man with an almost benevolent expression, which contrasts with those of the other members of the corrupt group of priests he belongs to (such as Burly and the Bald Priest). He wears the usual liturgical vestment of the era: long and black robe, a clerical collar around his neck and a white stole over his shoulders. Not so evident, however, is the long knife he carries inside his robe, which he uses to aid him in doing the dirty work he and his men are often charged with.

Despite his deceitful serene demeanor, he's shown to be quite irascible and prone to go into a rage at the smallest provocation. He is quite eloquent, though, and is versed when trying to explain his motives, apparently truly believing that the controverted deeds he and his men perform are for a greater good in the end.


Season 1
1-01. Witchbottle
1-02. Necropolis
1-03. Labyrinth
1-04. Monument


  • "Where are the Speakers?" ("Labyrinth")
  • "You defend evil. Give them to us!" ("Labyrinth")
  • "You will give us the Speakers so that we can save this city." ("Labyrinth")
  • "Silence! Look at you. You're a wreck. You stink. You can barely keep your eyes open. What do you expect to achieve against us?" ("Labyrinth")
  • "So you're going to die for nothing? For people you don't know?" ("Labyrinth")



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