"Why live forever if you're not going to live well?"
— Lenore in "Investigators"

Lenore is a major antagonist introduced in Season 3 of the Castlevania animated series. She is a member of Styria's Council of Sisters, where she serves as their diplomat. She is charged to convince Hector to help the Council build an army of night creatures.

She is voiced by Jessica Brown Findlay in the English version of the show.



Lenore's appearance is that of a slender young woman of shorter stature, with pale skin, ginger red hair, and red eyes. Like all vampires, she has pointed ears and sharp fangs. The sides of her hair are gathered into a small long braid on her back, with a silver hair ornament and a transluscent veil attached, covering part of the hair. The rest of the hair is wavy and worn loose. She wears a dark navy blue dress with teal embellishments and trimmings, and partially covered at the shoulders by a fluffy white coat. She has a belt with a bat-esque symbol on the buckle and she also wears a silver necklace and studs.


Lenore is the diplomat of the group and is good at getting others to trust her. While she appears to be kind and honest, she is as shrewd and calculating as her sisters... perhaps even more so. As such, she is not above using underhanded tactics to get results, such as manipulation and gaslighting, which is exemplified when she seduces Hector before making him her slave. She does stay somewhat true to her word, though, as she doesn't return Hector to his cell, but allows him to live in the castle with her and her sisters, although he is still condemned to a life of servitude.

Lenore's is shown to take her job as the Styria Council's diplomat very seriously, as seen during her first interactions with Hector, where she made it viciously clear that she wasn't weak and to never assume that she was an easy target to either manipulate or underestimate due to her innocent appearance, demanding respect as an equal from her prisoner.

Due to her duty as diplomat, Lenore has shown herself to be incredibly tactile, pragmatic and patient when negotiating with others, as seen during her negotiations with Hector, were she made sure to be both precise and patient during the course of her visits in order to carefully dissect his mentality and glean the proper method to manipulate him into doing what she wanted, while insuring at the same time that he remained oblivious to her subtle manipulation and analysis of him.

Lenore also possesses the strong personal belief and value in the practice of commerce, having the firm belief that everyone has to have some sort of desire for whatever action they do, and believes that everyone deserves a proper reward for their services given, as stated by her during her talks with Hector, where she also reveals that she believes this method is the best tool to be used during negotiations, which ensures that everyone involved in the proceedings is content; and believing that other motivational tools, such as faith, are weak tools during negotiations.

It was also noted by her "sisters" that she probably was the kindest and most compassionate of the four, as stated by Carmilla, who mentions that one day, when Lenore found a spider with a broken leg, felt immense pity for it and ravingly tore the castle apart hoping to find the right object small enough to create a splint - an attitude in complete contrast to the typical behavior of a vampire. However, this sense of compassion and kindness was later revealed to be incredibly warped, as seen where she happily declared that what she always wanted from Hector was for him to be her slave and "pet" for the rest of his life, as she had come to the conclusion that he simply couldn't handle living on his own without someone controlling him, utterly ignoring his own pleadings for freedom, as she had already set her mind into believing this was what was best for him and what he always wanted and needed all along.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Vampire physiology: Being a vampire, Lenore has several supernatural abilities.
    • Immortality: Like other vampires, Lenore doesn't age.
    • Physical superiority: Lenore possesses superhuman strength and speed.
  • Skilled combatant: Lenore is knowledgeable of very advanced hand-to-hand combat techniques (namely, Martial Arts) which she employs during encounters in conjunction with her other abilities.
  • Bat swarming: Lenore has the ability to transform her body into a swarm of bats, which, besides providing a rapid mean of displacement and the ability to quickly gain a vantage point, also allows her to effortlessly escape an adversary's grasp.
  • Air mimicry: Similarly to Chō, Lenore can transform her body into mist, allowing her to phase through certain obstacles (such as prison bars).


Season 3Edit

Season 3
301. Bless Your Dead Little Hearts
302. The Reparation of My Heart
303. Investigators
304. I Have a Scheme
305. A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement
306. The Good Dream
307. Worse Things Than Betrayal
308. What the Night Brings
309. The Harvest
310. Abandon All Hope



  • Her name probably comes from Edgar Allan Poe's 1845 narrative poem The Raven, in which "Lenore" is the name of the narrator's lost love.
  • Another possible inspiration for her name is Gottfried Bürger's 1773 Gothic ballad, Lenore, which tells the tale of a young woman named Lenore who is waiting for her fiancé to return from war. When she realizes this will not happen, she begins to quarrel with God. That night, a young soldier –much in the appearance of her lover– appears at her house and convinces her to escape with him on his steed, on a journey from which she'll never return. Although the character that returns from its grave in the poem is not considered to be a vampire, the poem has been very influential on vampire literature.

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