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The Library is a location in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate. It is the fifteenth area Simon Belmont explores.


The dimly lit Library, with its decrepit bookshelves and tattered interior, is immediately interesting due to the Wraith, which slinks about the background. Ignoring the non-threat, Simon moves left and crawls under a stairway; he stops to give attention to a bookrack, making contact with which unleashes the Magic Book enemy.

After shredding some control-freak tomes, he spots a bemused hunchback on the balcony above; its only purpose is to highlight his next destination, from which he'll climb to the upper levels of the library. Here an obvious podium acts as a switch to remove from the doorway a large demonic statue that blocks the path forward; the branching pathway leads into an interior portion of the Courtyard, as mentioned in its own description.

Once the Combat Cross is secured, Simon can reach the library's heights, where he'll find the teleporter room. Though, continuing to climb and swing his way upward will lead him to this area's exit point.

Tome puzzle

The Library contains three tomes, which can be read that contain a puzzle that allow for additional exploration through the library :

  • The first tome reads: A book with several marked words rests on its book stand: hidden, of, three, routes, the, same, books, number, open. Reconfigured, the words spell out the phrase, "Three books open the same number of hidden routes." This opens a passageway to a secret elsewhere in the library, alongside another book.
  • The second tome reads: reward, will, word, have, every, great, reads, whoever, a. ("Whoever reads every word will have a great reward.") Another passageway in the library will open near the top of the map, leading to a final book.
  • The third tome reads: worthy, you, have, of, taking, be, treasure, my, proven, to. ("You have proven to be worthy of taking my treasure.") This opens an iron gate in the room alongside you, leading to a treasure chest that increases the Magic meter.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Library
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
MoFMagicBook.png Magic Book  [ edit ]
Mirror of Fate
The search for immortality has caused many wizards to use their dying breath to commit their souls within heavy tomes of parchment. These pages permeate with the dark powers of their authors and so are able to write cruel endings for those valiant enough to confront them. Strong: Oil Flask
Difficulty: 2/5
HP: 50
Exp: 25
Drop: 25 Magic
Library, Toy Maker's Funfair, Toys Assembly Line, Toy Maker's Workshop
MoFWerewolf.png Werewolf  (Lycanthrope) [ edit ]
Mirror of Fate
During the dark years of the Lords of Shadow's reign, hundreds of humans were bitten by werewolves and infected with their cursed blood. Dominated by their instincts and rid of their leader Cornell, they occupy the castle to worship their new alpha male, the Prince of Darkness himself. Weak: Oil Flask
Difficulty: 2/5
HP: 100
Exp: 50
Drop: 15 Magic
Ballroom, Library, Toy Maker's Funfair, Games Room
MoFHunchback.png Hunchback  (Fleaman) [ edit ]
Mirror of Fate
A group of nomadic dwarves settled inside the castle and began to work on its reconstruction, as if it were their own home. Apparently harmless, they have survived thanks to their cunning, teamwork and disgusting gastronomical taste based on different ways of cooking carrion found along the way. Weak: Throwing Axe, Boomerang
Difficulty: 1/5
HP: 35
Exp: 15
Drop: 5 Magic
Kitchen, Library, Guards Room, Belfry
MoF-Wraith-Bestiary.png Wraith  [ edit ]
Mirror of Fate
Wraiths have always been a part of popular folklore as the oldest residents of sinister castles. Their presence at the fortress is no coincidence, as within its walls terrible murders were committed that have bound the souls of the victims to the memories of the violent acts committed there. Library (never fought)

Item Data

Item Data: Library
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Fallen Knight Scroll#15 - Mirror of Fate [edit]
Rinaldo Gandolfi decided to install retractable spurs on the end of the combat cross. The theory is simple: Brotherhood knights chosen from amongst the elite could reach places inaccessible to others and thus, pose more of a threat to the evils of the castle. Alas even Gandolfi himself is lost to us now. Fallen Knight Scroll
Find: Library
Drop: Experience
Bestiary Card - Magic Book - Mirror of Fate [edit]
' Item
Find: Library
Effect: Unlock the Magic Book bestiary entry.
Fallen Knight Scroll#16 - Mirror of Fate [edit]
A trail of ectoplasm led me to discover the location of a strange translucent creature. When I stabbed its insubstantial body with my sword, I felt a strange shiver pass through me. My hands were shrivelled, my legs could hardly hold me up and my hair turned ghostly white. Fallen Knight Scroll
Find: Library
Drop: Experience
Bestiary Card - Necromancer - Mirror of Fate [edit]
' Item
Find: Library
Effect: Unlock the Necromancer bestiary entry.
Fallen Knight Scroll#18 - Mirror of Fate [edit]
The tomes seem to have been marked by some mad scholar. They may hide a great secret, or perhaps are just the mad ravings of the insane. I wish I had enough time to decipher the message but alas time is not on my side. Fallen Knight Scroll
Find: Library
Drop: Experience
Fallen Knight Scroll#19 - Mirror of Fate [edit]
I have found a book with the following passage inscribed within: "When a great darkness loomed over the castle, a group of wise men schooled in arcane magic took shelter in the library. As the days went by, their minds were poisoned by envy, arrogance and hatred for each other. Forbidden rituals were performed but the souls of the men were lost within the pages of the books forever" Fallen Knight Scroll
Find: Library
Drop: Experience
Magic Chest - Mirror of Fate [edit]
If you find one of these chests you can open it as instructed. They will contain upgrades that will extend the capacity of your Magic Bar. Item (Chest)
Find: Deadly Waterfalls, Library, Guards Room, Inner Cells, Theatre, Toys Assembly Line, Clock Room, Toy Maker's Workshop, Carousel's Engine, Vampire's Tower, Kitchen, Vertical Prison, Games Room, Crypt, Cells
Teleporter - Mirror of Fate [edit]
A teleporter is a very usefull device that can shift your character instantly from one part of the Castle to another. (...) Item
Find: Library (Mirror of Fate) (red, green, blue, require Combat Chain) (all)


  • When Simon reaches the area where he finds Trevor's combat cross for the first time, Trevor's jacket and the Necromancer can be seen in the background.

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