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(Play proceeds from the Lower section of the Outer Wall)



Mysterious Merchant encounter

Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody / Library / Mysterious Merchant encounter

When: After speaking with the Mysterious Merchant

Summary: Elvis and company encounter the Mysterious Merchant and inquire what he sells and find that he had the key to the Underground Waterway that they require. The merchant indicates he had received the key after he took over some of the caretaker duties from one of his old friends, but that didn't suit him, so now it's just another item to be sold to him. He would consider help dealing with a troublesome Lesser Demon who had recently arrived at the library as a deposit towards obtaining the key.

Translated - [transcript][video]:

Mysterious Merchant: Oh, what an interesting guest, welcome, what do you need?

(Player can respond "What do you sell here?" or "I need the key to the underground waterway"
Mysterious Merchant (after responding with "What do you sell here?"): There are many things that you can think of and things you can't imagine. Keys to some passages, hard-to-find intelligence, sophisticated weapons, rare materials, etc. I think what you need now is the key to the underground waterway.
(Player can respond "Why do you have the key to the castle?" or "How many gold coins do you need?"
Mysterious Merchant (after responding with "Why do you have the key to the castle?"): I once had an old friend who was the caretaker of the castle, and I came to take over his duties temporarily. There are indeed several "keys" among the things he asked me to keep for him. Being an administrator is not for me, things that jingle and sparkle are more beautiful, and these keys are "commodity" to me too.
Elvis: So, how much do you need?
Mysterious Merchant: I like gold coins, of course the more the better. But now, I have another idea - A Lesser Demon has come to this library. It has been so noisy for the past few days that I can't hear the sound of coins. Let's get rid of it and its minions together and treat it as a deposit.


External Video: YouTube (Chinese)

Fidel and Florrie encounter

Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody / Library / Fidel and Florrie encounter

When: After speaking with Fidel or Florrie

Summary: Fidel finds his younger sister Florrie in the Library and finds that she had followed him to the Castle. He insists that she go home, but she refuses, as she has also had training fighting monsters. He relents and then introduces her to Elvis, and she senses that he's one of the rare vampires on the side of hunters. They then continue with their request to defeat the Lesser Demon.

Translated - [transcript][video]:

Fidel: Florrie! Why are you here?

Florrie: Of course I came here with you, brother. I knew there must be something interesting when you suddenly left home and came to such a far away place.
Fidel: This is no fun, this is a battle about family honor... You'd better go home first.
Florrie: Huh - I don't want to. I have also received a lot of training in the past few years, and I have enough strength to deal with monsters.
Fidel: There's really nothing I can do about you...
Florrie: I should be the one to say that. My brother has always been obsessed with some "family mission". I don't trust him.
Fidel: I am quite confident in my own strength.
Florrie: What about this guy, who don't you introduce him?
Fidel: This is Elvis, a hunter from the Demon Hunter Guild; this is my sister Florrie.
Florrie: Hunters with the blood of the Night Clan are really rare.
Elvis: You are very perceptive like your brother.
Florrie: This is our specialty as brother and sister. In the family records, there is also a record of the Night Clan joining forces with the hunters. We are also very close.
Fidel: Okay, let's deal with that "Lesser Demon" first.


External Video: YouTube (Chinese)

After defeating Lesser Demon

Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody / Library / After defeating Lesser Demon

When: After defeating the Lesser Demon

Summary: After Elvis defeats the Lesser Demon, the Mysterious Merchant offers to sell him the keys to the Underground Waterway as agreed and tells him how to get there. Elvis has concerns about his principals, as he had been entrusted with those keys, but the merchant just laughs it off, saying it's just business. The merchant, who is getting tired of the castle, hopes to find a place he can make more money and expects to see him again.

Translated - [transcript][video]:

Mysterious Merchant: Well done, young man. Then according to the agreement, I will sell these keys to you. Through the path on the southeast side of the Deserted City Corridor and going straight down, you can reach the Underground Veins.

Elvis: Since you took over the administrator's job, why do you do this?
Mysterious Merchant: This is just a transaction. I have verified your strength. Of course, you will fall to whichever side is beneficial to you.
Elvis: People without principals...
Mysterious Merchant: Hahaha, my principals have never changed. Moreover, I have long been tired of staying in this city, so why not find a more profitable place. I believe we will meet again soon and look forward to visiting.


External Video: YouTube (Chinese)
(Play proceeds to the South-East section of the Marble Gallery)

Other text[]


Type Translated Text Original Chinese Text
Stage Description Library: The books covered in dust, the collapsed bookshelves, the long table filled with monster footprints, a treasure trove that no one comes to read anymore. This long-closed library, can it still wait for its next reader? 藏书室:被灰尘覆盖的书籍,倒塌的书柜,布满怪物脚印的长桌,一座再也无人来翻阅的宝库。这座早已被关闭的藏书室,是否还能等来它的下一个读者?