Lilim is an enemy in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


In Mesopotamian demonology, Lilin were hostile night spirits that attacked men. They had less power than gods. This was also the Hebrew word for both the succubus and incubus spirits of other legends as a single concept. This word, however, only included the sons and daughters of Lilith or a Lilith-like creature.

In Jewish mythology, Lilin is a term for night spirits. Lilith and her children, the Lilim, are considered to be night spirits.


Lilim is one of the five lady bats encountered in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. She is found in the Machine Tower, above the second Save Point, and appears only after defeating Death.

Similar to other lady bats of her kind, Lilim soars through the sky with great agility and bears a circle of five energy rings around to protect her. After making a few swoops, she will send forth these rings toward Nathan, which will track him down for a while and then return to her.

She drops the Dark Armor, a cursed chest armor piece which although it doesn't provide any special defense against Darkness attacks, it's nonetheless one of the best defensive armors that can be found in the game.

Enemy DataEdit

Lilim リリム 400 8,000
ATK DEF Location
800 800 Machine Tower (above the second Save Point after defeating Death)
Common Drop Rare Drop
Mind High (2%) Dark Armor (0.5%)
Resistance Darkness

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