Lindenfeld is a location in the Castlevania animated series. It is a small Wallachian town Trevor and Sypha visit in Season 3.


Lindenfeld is a "minster town", due to its priory which overlooks the town as one of its central locations. The town is run by the Judge, who acts as its leader and landlord, and who keeps order and peace within the town and its inhabitants.

Despite being a small town along the county road, Lindenfeld has a formidable guard protecting it thanks to the organization of the Judge. When Dracula sent night creatures to attack the people during his siege of Wallachia, Lindenfeld's town militia was able to fend off the creatures that attacked. Only the Visitor survived, who fled to the town's priory and was thought to have been killed when Prior Sala and his monks came out holding what appeared to be bits of its charred remains.

Despite the assumption that the Visitor was destroyed, Sala and his monks sealed off the priory from the rest of the townsfolk and erratic strangers began arriving to the town shortly after, with Sala sheltering them in the priory. When Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades arrived in town, the Judge enlisted their aid to discover the mysteries of the priory and any threats to Lindenfeld it might still be hiding.

The priory

The priory of Lindenfeld is a central location of the town, acting as the spiritual hub for the townsfolk there. Lead by Prior Sala and his monks, the priory suffered under the night creatures attack and the infiltration of the Visitor. After that, the priory spiraled from a place of faith to a decrepit hovel where the now mad monks and their group have shuttered themselves into and allowing none else to enter. The place became profaned with its altar's crucifix inverted, its pews in disrepair, and feces from its inhabitants collecting in various corners. Below the priory, a portal to the Infinite Corridor has sat for an unknown amount of time, which the Visitor hopes to use to bring Dracula back into the living world.




  • This location appears to be based on the real village of Lindenfeld, from the commune of Buchin in Romania. Ironically, the actual village has been depopulated since 1998.
  • Lindenfeld and his secret demonic activity is reminiscent of Tristram's village from the Diablo series. The undergrounds of the religious place of the two towns shelter a portal leading to Hell and were corrupted by the attack of demons; but unlike the people of Tristram, those of Lindenfeld were unaware of the demonic activity taking place in the priory. It's unknown if these similarities are indeed a reference or merely coincidental.
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