"A young spellcasting prodigy searching for the ultimate power. Easily manipulates flames, ice, and wind."
— Description

The Little Witch is a playable character in Akumajō Dracula: The Arcade. Her primary weapon is a spellbook. Her sub-weapons are the three traditional Belnades elemental spells, Fire, Ice, and Wind. Each of these sub-weapons can be charged for a more powerful attack.


  • To play as the Little Witch, obtain an e-Amusement Pass, defeat Dracula with Vampire Hunter or Lady Gunner, and save the data to the e-Amusement Pass.
  • To play a bonus mode with the Little Witch, defeat Dracula with her (the Little Witch succeeds Dracula), and save the data to the e-Amusement Pass. Some yellow chickens are now added to all stages. If you shoot all them, you can see the Tokimeki Memorial parody ending.


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Castlevania The Arcade - Trailer 2

Castlevania The Arcade - Trailer 2


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