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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, like the other Castlevania games, has a castle that is divided into many areas.

Castle Map

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Locations Index

Image Name Description
The Lost Village A snow covered cursed village in front of the castle. The different buildings are accessible by bridges and streets. You can go to the Wizardry Lab via a secret passageway, though this place also connects to, by drawbridge and also the puzzle-room area, the Demon Guest House .
Wizardry Lab An area where magic experiments and studies are done in secret. The lab is located underneath the castle and is the most modern looking of the castle's environments, with power generators taking up a good deal of space. It connects to the Lost Village and Subterranean Hell via an underground tunnel.
Garden of Madness A stony, dank area that is overrun with ivy, trees, roots, and gloom; it functions as the castle's green house with various plants. The upper rooms, however, seem to lack the sustenance to maintain the flora. It is the center of the castle and connects to the Demon Guest House, Subterranean Hell, Cursed Clock Tower, and the Pinnacle.
The Dark Chapel The Dark Chapel is comprised of many inner halls and chambers, as well as an outside complex built in overview to a lake, and a dungeon that apparently houses no living prisoners. It connects to the Garden of Madness, Subterranean Hell, and the Condemned Tower.
Demon Guest House One of the biggest areas in the castle. It contains many vertical passageways and brightly wallpapered rooms. There are seven guest rooms that have either items, enemies, or both. Also, it rightfully earns the name "Guest House" because, if the player is to enter the main castle from Lost Village, they will enter this first.
Condemned Tower A tall tower, enveloped by clouds and moonlight, whose multiple floors collapse during the fight with Gergoth. The outer sides of the tower have many ramps and platforms for climbing purposes. The top of the tower connects to the Cursed Clock Tower and beneath the tower is the Mine of Judgment.
Cursed Clock Tower The next incarnation of the well-known and oft-hated Castlevania area. Not much has changed here, though the spikes can cause much more of a problem than usual. If one reaches the top, they will be treated to a full view of the clock's face and a light snowfall. It connects to the Pinnacle and the Garden of Madness.
Subterranean Hell A mostly dark series of caverns, illuminated only by holes in the rocky walls and ceilings. It initially begins above ground, then continues underwater though a series of air pockets underground where several kinds lifeforms are found. It connects to the Garden of Madness, Wizardry Lab, The Dark Chapel and is the only place that connects to the Silenced Ruin without a portal.
Silenced Ruins Time has mysteriously stopped in the first room of this area thanks to the Chronomage. The environment as a whole mimics the look of the Entrance Hallway in the first Castlevania (even the Vampire Killer theme is played here), but as the name implies, it has been neglected and many pillars and walls are broken. Located underground, it connects to the Subterranean Hell.
The Pinnacle The climax of the castle's areas. Snow may fall here as it does in the Lost Village, and there are grand views of multiple towers and a mountain range. At the top is the throne room which has been prepared for Dracula's return. The Pinnacle connects to the Clock Tower and The Demon Guest House.
Mine of Judgment The opposite end of the Condemned Tower. It houses the portal to The Abyss where the castle fuels it's existence from. As the name implies, there are many tunnels for mining. The mine also has skeletons in cages, suggesting something more sinister at play, as well as the room where Death is fought. Connects The Abyss to the rest of the game.
The Abyss A variation of Hell, the map consists of six separated "Hells" that are magically linked and experienced. This is the game's final area, with some of the hardest enemies/enemy combinations in the game. An extra note is the Boss Abaddon who is found in the Abyss is a reference to the Christian Bible's Book of Revelation regarding Abaddon.


This castle was built by the With Light sect (possibly the people who live in the village) led by Celia Fortner, who seeks to create a new Dark Lord to replace and claim Dracula's power.

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