Loretta Lecarde (ロレッタ・リカード Roretta Rikādo?, lit. "Loretta Ricardo") is a character and major antagonist in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. She is the twin sister of Stella and daughter of Eric Lecarde, one of the protagonists from Castlevania: Bloodlines. Both women were captured by an old vampire named Brauner, who turned them into vampires as well, and who since then has acted as their adoptive father.

Loretta is fought as a boss at one point during the course of the game alongside her sister.

In one of the alternate modes of the game, both she and her sister become playable characters and the story of how they came to fall into Brauner's clutches is further explained.

Appearance and personality

More composed and calm than her sister, Stella, Loretta, the "younger" twin, focuses on ice-based magical attacks, such as dropping icicles on Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin, or creating a dragon-like creature out of ice, which Stella then smashes on Jonathan or Charlotte. She often has to restrain Stella from attacking Jonathan and Charlotte. Like her sister, she also looks down on humanity, but only due to her delusional state. In her vampire form, she possesses heterochromia, with her left eye turning red. In her human form, both of her eyes are green. A similar effect was observed with her elder sister Stella.


Although an alternate ending of the game features Jonathan and Charlotte simply defeating them, the canon chain of events is that Charlotte uses Sanctuary, a magical healing spell to transform the sisters back into humans. After regaining her senses, Loretta is in no small amount of distress over losing her father, although she is not as bereaved as her sister Stella. She, believing that Stella has worried too much on her behalf, agrees to take a greater role in helping her. To thank the heroes for returning their humanity to them, Loretta and Stella offer to perform a ritual that would allow Jonathan to unlock the true power of the Vampire Killer, although its power may cost him his life. Whether he takes them up on that offer is up to the player.

In Sisters Mode, where the Lecarde twins are playable, Loretta is able to fire magic missiles extremely rapidly toward where the player is touching the touch screen. She and Stella enter the castle against their father's wishes, believing that he is inside. Upon reaching Brauner's portrait, they find their father badly wounded, and Brauner ambushes them and turns them into vampires, setting up the events of the main game.

Enemy Data

No. Name JPN HP
147 Loretta ロレッタ Roretta 2,500
Tolerance Weakness
Ice Whip, Slash, Fire
Location Common Drop Rare Drop EXP SP
Master's Keep - - 0 0
Description "Stella's twin sister. She's a powerful witch."

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