"A young magical researcher assigned to the anti-Dracula agency. Possesses skills greater than her youth would suggest. Supports Arikado on his journeys into the Grimoires. She's housing him too..."
— Description
Not to be confused with Lucy Lane.

Lucy Westenra (ルーシー・ウェステンラ Rūshī Uesutenra?) is a supporting character in Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls.


Lucy is a magical researcher who works for the Elgos Oder that exists with the objective to fight Dracula threats and guard his material possessions along the Grimoires that contain records from many timelines. She partners with Arikado during the initial act of the game. She has the power to make characters come alive from the Grimoire.

She plays a supporting role by introducing new concepts to the player and elaborating on the story. She guides the player through various tutorials on the game's numerous features and also acts as a merchant (or host) during in-game purchases.



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