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Lupu is a location in the Castlevania animated series. It is the Wallachian village where Lisa hails from.


A village located in the vicinities of the city of Targoviste and homeland of Lisa, where she practiced homebrew medicine to aid the locals. Lisa first mentions this place when she introduced herself to Dracula while venturing into his castle.[1] The village is settled on a small plain among the mountains that surround Targoviste. Its most remarkable landmark is a tall church that stands in the center of the village, among the few houses that comprise to it.

Soon after Lisa married Dracula, both came to live to her house in Lupu.[2] Convinced by her that he should consider traveling the world to learn about its people, Dracula left for a long time. However, when he came back from his journey, he found their house destroyed. A local old woman, who had come to pay her respects, informed him that Lisa had been arrested by the clergy to be burned at the stake under accusations of witchcraft.




  • This location appears to be based on the real village of Lupu, from the region of Cergău in Romania.


  1. Witchbottle: When Lisa introduces herself to Dracula, she says: "My name is Lisa, I am from the village of Lupu."
  2. War Council: When the Bishop's men arrest Lisa, he mentions: "The wise woman of this village", implying both she and Dracula were living at her house in Lupu.