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"Hee hee. It's been a while, hasn't it, since the three of us got together."
— Lydie

Lydie Erlanger (リディー・エルランジェ Ridī Eruranje?) is a supporting character in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. She is good friends with Juste Belmont and Maxim Kischine, whom she has known well since childhood.

Character's history

"A childhood friend of both Juste and Maxim. Her presence is both comforting and invaluable to these two men who are undergoing strict physical training."
— Official background

Lydie was a childhood friend of Juste Belmont and his best friend Maxim Kischine. Maxim went on a training expedition which was eventually revealed to be a hunt for Count Dracula's remains. The relics created an evil personality within Maxim, who abducted Lydie not long after, blindfolding her and imprisoning her inside Dracula's Castle. The original Maxim was able to partially protect her by losing his memory and led Juste to the castle to find their friend. At some point, Lydie was found by the normal Maxim, who tucked her away in a safe room by sealing the entrance with an enchantment, using his own bracelet as the key. Juste came to Lydie's rescue after receiving the bracelet from Maxim. Their reunion was painfully cut short, however, when Death suddenly materialized and kidnapped the helpless Lydie for his master, with her pleading Juste to save her while she was being taken away.

Lydie's fate

Depending on which ending the player obtains, Lydie's outcome will be different:

Ending A - Bad

If Juste confronts Maxim in Castle A, he will find an unconscious but otherwise fine Lydie next to Maxim, who is still his normal self. Sensing the evil contained within his body, Maxim pleads Juste to take his life, to which the latter initially refuses to do. Maxim snaps into his evil self once again and attacks him, forcing Juste to strike his old friend down.

Juste leaves the castle with Lydie, while Maxim's body stays inside as it starts to dissolve. Lydie soon wakes up and assures Juste that whatever happened to Maxim wasn't his fault. They return home shortly after.

Ending B - Worst

If Juste decides to confront Maxim in Castle B, he will find a recently bitten Lydie, still alive although barely, with Evil Maxim rejoicing in the new strength he gained from her. Juste fights Evil Maxim shortly after. If he defeats him without wearing both his and Maxim's bracelets, Evil Maxim will presumably die, taking with him both the original Maxim and Lydie.

Juste leaves the castle, cursing the fact that he couldn't save anybody while the castle dissolves, taking Maxim and Lydie's bodies along with it.

Ending C - Best

If Juste wears the bracelets when he fights Maxim, the latter will come back to his senses long enough for the evil spirit within him to feel the presence of Dracula's remains and use their dark power to gain an unstable physical form. Juste destroys the wraith and gets both Maxim and Lydie out of the castle. Lydie wakes up and vaguely remembers Maxim biting her. Juste assures her that it was just a bad dream. Maxim tells Juste that he should tell her the truth, but he simply dismisses the idea and tells Maxim to just rest. They become upset with one another and are close to fighting, but Lydie steps in and tells them to cut it out. She joyfully reminds them that this was the first time in years since the three of them got together and they return home shortly after.

This is the "Best" ending of the game and the one which is considered as canon in the series. If Juste finds every furniture item and puts them all into place, Lydie will lean on his shoulder and cling to his arm during the ending, revealing there may be a romance in the future for both of them.


  • According to Koji Igarashi, Juste and Maxim received their respective bracelets from Lydie.[1]
  • Her name is German, which means: "He/she, who is from Erlangen, Bavaria". This would probably make her an ethnic Transylvanian Saxon or Banat Swabian.


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