MIDI Power –X68000 Collection– ver.3.0 is a video game soundtrack released on July 21, 1993 which contains MIDI arrangements of music from Gradius III and Akumajō Dracula. The music was composed by Konami Kukeiha Club and the arrangements were done by IKA-chan, Devi Kobayashi, Shin Chan and Jigokuguruma Nakamura.

Track list

  1. Prelude of Legend (Title BGM)
  2. Invitation (Select BGM)
  3. Departure for Space (Dog Fight 1 BGM)
  4. Sand Storm (1st. BGM)
  5. Aqua Illusion (2st. BGM)
  6. In The Wind (3st. BGM 1)
  7. Underground (3st. BGM 2)
  8. Congratulations (Beginner Ending BGM)
  9. Game Over (Game Over BGM)
  10. High Speed Dimension (4st. BGM)
  11. Try to Star (Dog Fight 2 BGM)
  12. Easter Stone (5st. BGM)
  13. Dead End Cell (6st. BGM)
  14. Fire Scramble (7st. BGM)
  15. Cosmo Plant (8st. BGM)
  16. Crystal Labylinth (9st. BGM)
  17. King of Kings (Ranking BGM)
  18. Mechanical Base (10st. BGM 1)
  19. Final Shot (10st. BGM 2)
  20. Dark Force (Boss BGM)
  21. Escape to The Freedom (High Speed Escape BGM)
  22. Return to The Star (Ending BGM)
  23. A Long Time Ago (Medley BGM)
  24. File Load BGM
  25. Black Mass (Opening BGM)
  26. Something Loopy (Naming BGM)
  27. The Bathead (Start Demo BGM)
  28. Vampire Killer (Block 1 BGM)
  29. Creatures in The Depths (Boss BGM)
  30. Stage Clear BGM
  31. |Thrashard In The Cave (Block 2 BGM)
  32. Wicked Child (Block 3 BGM)
  33. Bloody Tears (Block 4 BGM)
  34. The Tower of Gears (Block 5 BGM)
  35. Moon Fight (Block 6 BGM 1)
  36. The Tower of Dolls (Block 6 BGM 2)
  37. Etude for The Killer (Block 7 BGM)
  38. Theme of Simon Belmont (Block 8 BGM)
  39. You Goddamned Bathead (Final Boss BGM)
  40. All Clear BGM
  41. Mother Earth (Ending BGM)
  42. Game Over BGM

Additional information

  • Tracks 01~23 : from Gradius III.
  • Tracks 24~42 : from Akumajō Dracula (X68000) (SC-55 version).
  • The spelling mistake on track 16 is intentional and is written on the original CD.
  • Gradius III themes were arranged by IKA-chan.
  • Akumajō Dracula themes were arranged by Devi Kobayashi, Shin Chan and Jigokuguruma Nakamura.

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