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Sony MSX 1, model HitBit-10-P

MSX is the name of a standard for home computers in the 1980s. MSX was conceived by Kazuhiko Nishi, once an executive of Microsoft Japan (now ASCII Corporation), who was attempting to create a single standard by which any company could build a compatible computer. Inspired by the success of VHS as a standard for video cassette recorders, many Japanese electronic manufacturers along with Goldstar, Philips and Spectravideo built and promoted MSX computers.

MSX spawned four generations: MSX (1983), MSX2 (1985), MSX2+ (1988), and MSX TurboR (1990). The first three were 8-bit computers based on the Z80 microprocessor, while the MSX TurboR was based on a custom 16-bit R800 microprocessor developed by ASCII Corporation.

Any piece of hardware or software with the MSX logo on it was compatible with MSX products of other manufacturers. In particular, the expansion cartridge form and function were part of the standard: any MSX expansion or game cartridge would work in any MSX computer.

Castlevania games available on the system

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