Mage-Type Innocent Devils are wizard-like Innocent Devils that have the power to stop time. They each hold rods that hold diverse arcane gadgets on them. They are the only true magic users of the I.D.s and are small, airborne, and agile, but weak physically. As they evolve, they gain elemental-based magic attacks, specifically Fire, Ice, Thunder, Light, and Earth, making them the most versatile I.D.s in the game, as most enemies tend to have one or multiple elemental weaknesses.

One of their evolutions, the Nautilus Rod, also innately has the useful Purify ability, which is the only attack in the game that can permanently vanquish Blood Skeletons.

Innocent Devil DataEdit

Image Name Information Skills Evolves from Evolves to
Level 1 (Start)
Wood Rod Transparent
Wood Rod
The initial form of a mage-type Innocent Devil. The wooden rod it wields is the mark of an inexperienced mage. Time Stop, Lightning Strike N/A (starter) Scissor Rod (40 Red/Yellow)
Talon Rod (40 Blue/Green/White)
Level 2
Scissor Rod Transparent
Scissor Rod
Wields a sharp, sword-like rod. Has the potential to unleash powerful magics. Floating B, Sorcery Flame Wood Rod Nautilus Rod (70 Green/Yellow/White)
Ogre Rod (70 Red/Blue)
Talon Rod Transparent
Talon Rod
Wields a rod made from a mythical bird's talon. Its strong spiritual power makes it very rare. Circle Scissors, Freeze Wood Rod Ogre Rod (70 Red/Blue/White)
Goat Head (70 Green Yellow)
Level 3
Nautilus Rod Transparent
Nautilus Rod
Wields a rod made from a fabled deep-sea beast. Countless sailors have perished in search of it. Purify, Satellite B Scissor Rod Eyeball Rod (90 Blue/Green)
Embryo Rod (90 Red/Yellow/White)
Ogre Rod Transparent
Ogre Rod
Its rod is made from the hand of a red ogre, and the eye in its grip can see for hundreds of leagues. Agnea, Synchron Saucer B Scissor Rod
Talon Rod
Embryo Rod (90 Red/Green)
Crystal Rod (90 Blue/Yellow/White)
Goat Head Transparent
Goat Head
This mage wields a rod set with the head of a black goat, its sharp gaze filled with mystical power. Argent B, Salamander Talon Rod Crystal Rod (90 All but White)
Twinkle Rod (90 White)
Level 4 (Final)
Eyeball Rod Transparent
Eyeball Rod
The countless ever-staring eyes decorating the rod of this mage imbue it with an eerie feeling. Tension Boost, Homing Nautilus Rod N/A (Final)
Embryo Rod Transparent
Embryo Rod
Wields a rod containing the souls of demons. The screams of its prisoners can almost be heard. Explosion B, Demonic Disaster Nautilus Rod
Ogre Rod
N/A (Final)
Crystal Rod Transparent
Crystal Rod
Those who wield the crystal rod carved with intricate runes is said to possess ultimate power. Shield, Meteo Ogre Rod
Goat Head
N/A (Final)
Twinkle Rod Transparent
Twinkle Rod
A star motif graces the rod of this mage. Its owner dreams of one day becoming one with the stars. Twinkle Star, Dancing Star Goat Head N/A (Final)