Magic Powers in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate are abilities that consume Magic. Each playable character (besides Gabriel) has two Magic Powers. These powers can be toggled on and off by pressing an assigned arrow button or their icon on the touch pad. Their magic meter can be replenished by absorbing orbs emitted by enemies when they are defeated. They can be fully replenished at Magic Fonts. The maximum amount of Magic that they have available to them can be increased by obtaining Magic Chests.

Simon Belmont has two Spiritual Powers, which summon a spirit to aid him. This includes the Spirit of Belnades, who takes damage for him from enemies or stage hazards, and the Spirit of Schneider, who provides offensive cover with his crossbow.

Alucard has use of two Blood Powers, which derive from his vampiric nature and allow him to change forms. Mist Form allows his body to dissolve into mist, making him less vulnerable to attack and able to pass through some objects and enemies, absorbing health from the latter. Wolf Form allows him to turn into a werewolf, increasing the damage of his attacks and giving him the strength to break down certain doors.

Trevor Belmont, as a member of the Brotherhood of Light, is able to use the same Sacred Powers that his father could. Light Magic causes him to recover health while dealing out damage to enemies, while Shadow Magic increases the attack power of his combat cross.

Item Data

Item Data: Magic Power
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Spirit of Belnades Icon Spirit of Belnades - Mirror of Fate [edit]
This is a protective female spirit that uses her cloak to shield Simon from enemy attacks or some environmental hazards.(...) Magic Power (Spiritual Power)
Find: Forgotten Caves
Spirit of Schneider Icon Spirit of Schneider - Mirror of Fate [edit]
This is a spirit of a man with a powerful magic crossbow who will automatically attack any enemy within range. (...) Magic Power (Spiritual Power)
Find: Inner Cells (requires Combat Chain)
Mist Form Icon Mist Form - Mirror of Fate [edit]
Alucard can vaporize his body, making him less vulnerable to attack. He can use this power to pass through an enemy and absorb their vital energy. (...) Magic Power (Blood Power)
Find: Kitchen
Special: In this state He can also pass through railings and otherwise impenetrable barriers.
Wolf Form Icon Wolf Form - Mirror of Fate [edit]
Alucard can unleash the Wolf within, which increases attack power against his enemies. (...) Magic Power (Blood Power)
Find: Clock Room
Special: In this form he can also open some doors which are blocked to any other character.
Light Magic Icon Light Magic - Mirror of Fate [edit]
In combat Trevor will have an increase in Health as he inflicts successive damage on enemies; the more powerful the enemy the greater the Health bonus. (...) Magic Power (Sacred Power)
Dark Magic Icon Dark Magic - Mirror of Fate [edit]
The Dark Magic increases the damage wreaked by Trevor's combat cross. (...) Magic Power (Sacred Power)
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