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The Magician is a minor character in the Castlevania animated series. He controls people with magic and enslaves them to build a city for himself. He is defeated and killed by Isaac.


As told to Isaac by Miranda, the Magician arrived in her village and mentally enslaved all of the townsfolk to do his biding. Only Miranda resisted as she possesses magical powers. The inhabitants were brought to the Magician's tower to build a city and defenses.

When Isaac arrived, the Magician ordered his slaves to attack and stop him. Despite his best efforts and even summoning Legion, the Magician was found by Isaac. He attempted to control Isaac with his spell, but Isaac broke free seconds later and killed the Magician, ending his spell.

Powers and abilities

The Magician appears immensely potent in his use of mass-scale mind-enslaving magic, which manifests as pale-green energy crowns of thorns (alongside vertical forehead eyes) encircling the heads of his victims (and which he may cast from mid-distance by simply pointing his hand at a desired victim).

He is shown able to concurrently control hundreds of people at a time, having supposedly gone around enslaving entire towns for his own gain. Furthermore, he can make his slaves levitate, having chiefly done so to make his minions float up and combine into a giant sphere of bodies that appeared to be a summon of the demonic Legion. Nonetheless, the Magician failed to control Isaac with his spell strongly enough to prevent him from breaking free under his own power, which the latter managed mere seconds after being caught.

Immediately upon his death, his magic was dispelled.



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