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Magmard is the Initial Battle-Type Innocent Devil form found in Baljhet Mountains. It is a balanced familiar that knows the skill Aura Blast.


As the Battle-Type Innocent Devil is found on the second stage of the game, the player may wish to use it immediately for almost all boss battles and other combat situations. Aura Blast is a simple area-of-effect attack that damages enemies that surround the Magmard. It is a good follow-up attack after using the Battle-Type's Guard skill. Brute Force is a mandatory ability in the game, as it is learned by the Battle-Type in the Garibaldi Temple. This ability is a requirement in opening large doors, or stone pillars that are otherwise inaccessible by Hector. Lastly, Magmard has a perfectly balanced stat-distribution graph upon Level-Up.


The following table represents the initial stats (1st Generation) and stat gain per level of the Magmard.[1]

Statistic Initial Per Level
Heart 100 +5
Attack 10 +1.4
Magic 5 +2
Defense 10 +2
Agility 5 +2


Item Data: Magmard Abilities
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Aura Blast CoD Icon Aura Blast - Curse of Darkness [edit]
Damages surrounding enemies with an aura attack. Innocent Devil Abilities
Consume: 15 Hearts  First Obtained: Innate ability
Brute Force CoD Icon Brute Force - Curse of Darkness [edit]
Lifts up the ground by sheer brute force. Can also be used to lift heavy objects. Innocent Devil Abilities
Consume: 4 Hearts  First Obtained: Learned at Garibaldi Temple.
Special: Can open previously inaccessible large doors.



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