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The Man Eater (also spelled Maneater) is an enemy in the Castlevania series. It is a monstrous insect that subsist inside a great skull.


A monstrous insect that lodges itself inside a gigantic skull and attacks by extending its tentacles and/or shooting ripple lasers. The skull, being made of a hard material, is very resilient to damage, although the worm itself is vulnerable to slashing attacks.

This creature has played the role the same as a boss, a miniboss, or a normal enemy in the various games it has appeared in.


Super Castlevania IVEdit

This creature appears as a miniboss midway through the Outer Keep. It attacks either by lashing with the worm that lives inside the skull as a manner of tongue, or by causing debris to fall from the ceiling every time it's damaged. It is translucent, which may imply it is of ghostly nature.

In the international versions of the game, this creature is known as Puweyxil. Spelled backward, "Puweyxil" reads "lix yew up"; this can be interpreted as "licks you up", which is one of its attacks.

Puweyxil デスブレスヘッド Desuburesuheddo (Death Breath Head) 62 0 3
Stage 4: Outer Keep

Castlevania: Aria of SorrowEdit

In Aria of Sorrow, all three of the Man-Eater's worms must be killed in order to destroy it. Using the Chronomage's soul won't stop the Man-Eater itself, although it will affect its ripple lasers.

A Man-Eater also appears in Boss Rush Mode, despite not being a boss in this game.

Each one of the Man-Eater's worms has 666 HP and 666 MP, a number commonly associated with the Devil.

65 Man-Eater マンイーター Manītā 666 666 444
Attack Defense Tolerance Weakness Time Stop
45 35 - Sword Unaffected / Ripple Laser is affected
Location Common Drop Rare Drop Soul
Underground Reservoir - Rahab's Frost Ripple Laser (Bullet Soul)
Description "A worms that subsists on skulls."

Castlevania: Order of EcclesiaEdit

The Maneater is the boss of the Skeleton Cave. It attacks either by tossing bouncing bones, smashing into the player, shooting a ripple laser, or reaching out with its tentacles. Unlike its appearance in Aria of Sorrow, where it consisted of one skull with eyeballed worms coming out of the eyes and mouth, it now looks like a giant, multiple-faced skull with eyeless tentacles.

It has three attacks:

  • Shoots ripple lasers from its tentacles. Even though they can be dodged by jumping through the laser, they are still hard to dodge.
  • Smashes itself into the player.
  • Throws bones that rebound along the room.

If the player wants this fight to end quickly, they should attack the tentacles as they are weak to Slash attacks, making the Vol Confodere glyph effective; or use the Luminatio glyph, as it will hit multiple times dealing good damage. If on the contrary, the player wants the fight to last a while, they should use the Vol Macir glyph to attack the skull. The tentacles, however, are the true weak spots of this boss, because they will abruptly stop attacking when damaged and retract into the skull as well. The reward for defeating the Maneater is the Ordinary Rock relic, which allows the player to perform double jumps.

Ooe maneater
111 Maneater マンイーター Manītā 2,500 51
Tolerance Weakness
- Slash, Flame, Light
Location Drop Glyph EXP AP
Skeleton Cave Guards the Ordinary Rock - 1,500 40
Description "This monstrous insect buzzes about inside a great skull."

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Man Eater
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Rahab's Sword Icon Rahab's Sword (Ice Sword of Rahab) - Aria of Sorrow [edit]
Enchanted sword of ice. Weapon
Attrib: Sword, Water
ATK +52
Sell: $4,900 
Find: Underground Reservoir
Rare Drop: Man Eater
Red Soul Man-Eater - Ripple Laser - Aria of Sorrow [edit]
Shoots out a Ripple Laser. Bullet Soul
Attrib: Water
Consume: 22 MP 
108 AP
Rarity: 15
Drop: Man-Eater
Medal OoE Icon Maneater Medal (jpn) - Order of Ecclesia [edit]
Medal awarded for defeating the monster insect, Maneater. Item (Boss Medal)
Sell: (cannot be sold)  Drop: Maneater
Conditions: Defeat Maneater without taking damage. 
Ordinary Rock Icon Ordinary Rock (jpn) - Order of Ecclesia [edit]
Jump a second time while in midair. Relic
Find: Skeleton Cave



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