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Map Rooms are unique travel spots featured in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. These altars allow Dracula fast and easy access to all castle wings and all city districts in the game. The Map Rooms are designed specifically so that only Dracula can use them via a sacrifice of his blood on a spiked control panel, symbolism for the symbiotic relationship between Dracula and the castle. If someone other than Dracula attempts to activate a Map Room, the spike of the control panel will instead inject a deadly poison into their hand, and the victim will die an agonizing death within minutes.

Wolf Altars are used primarily to travel between the castle in the past, and the city in the present.


The Map Rooms located in the castle allow Dracula to access the following areas:


The Map Rooms that are located in the city will allow Dracula access to the following places:



  • Dracula travels between each Map Room by using his Mist Form, in a similar fashion to the way he uses Zobek's portals.
  • In Revelations, Marie Belmont reveals that Dracula originally used the Navigators to travel around the castle. It's probable that he constructed the Map Rooms as an alternate means of transportation once the Navigators died.
  • You can see the broken remains of the Siege Titan in the model of Bernhard's Wing.

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