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Martial Arts skills are fighting techniques used in the Castlevania series as a skill mainly focused in hand-to-hand, Chi and Ki abilities. Some martial art skills are also focused on the mastery of certain weapons and the use of combat techniques with those weapons.

Game specific information

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

In Portrait of Ruin, Jonathan Morris can equip these skills as sub-weapons, and in some cases as relics, that are activated with input commands. A relic item named "Martial Art" also allows him to perform a jumping knee kick. In Richter Mode, Richter Belmont is also given a variety of martial arts skills.

  • Offensive Form: Fighting stance that emphasizes in offense.
  • Defensive Form: Fighting stance that emphasizes in defense.
  • Stonewall: Stationary defensive stance passed down in Morris family.
  • Taunt: Draws enemies attention to you.
  • Aura Blast: Attack by concentrating your mind's energy into a powerful sacred aura and releasing its power in the form of a shockwave that travels through the ground in every direction .
  • Rocket Slash: Dash at the enemy and attack with a lightning fast slash attack, inspired by Zephyr.
  • Rampage: Attacks with a four-hit combo . In Richter Mode, Richter is able to attack whit his own version of the attack but finishing whit the Dash Slicer rather than a straight punch.
  • Knee Strike: Perform a powerful knee kick inspired by legendary martial artists (can be used as both a sub-weapon and also a relic called Martial Art).
  • Spinning Art: perform a spinning evasive maneuver (used as a relic).
  • Uppercut: A weaker, fire elemental version of Julius Belmont's uppercut super jump attack. An attack with a flaming uppercut while executing a super jump. In Richter Mode, Richter is able to use the uppercut super jump attack exactly like Jonathan with the difference being that Richter, rather then having fire around his fist, attacks wrapping his whip around his fist.
  • Jump Kick: Attack with a dive kick after double jumping.
  • Slide: A classic move in the Castlevania series, the user slides across the ground allowing it to go in narrow paths. Coming in contact with an enemy while sliding will usually result in the enemy taking minor damage (usually around 60% regular attack power).
  • Dash Slicer: In Richter Mode, Richter will dash forward while spinning his blades. Hits twice.
  • Drop Kick: In Richter Mode ,when Richter slides, Richter is able to redirect the slide
    in an upward direction damaging enemies.
  • Back Flip: In Richter Mode, while jumping, Richter is able to jump further
    to the back. Use it to avoid certain attacks.
  • Spin Kick: In Richter Mode, Richter performs a spinning kick damaging nearby foes.

Item Data

Item Data: Martial Art
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Mars + Thunderbird (Martial Arts) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Martial Arts. Hold attack to perform combinations. DSS Effect
Consume: 16 MP/USE  Create: Mars + Thunderbird
Effect: Consists of two jabs, a punch from the other hand, then a kick. The two initial punches deal half Nathan's normal whip damage, the offhand punch deals normal, then the kick deals twice the normal whip damage. Extremely fast attack speed (though there is some cooldown between combos,) but lacking in range.
Relic PoR Icon.png Martial Art (jpn) - Portrait of Ruin [edit]
Perform a jumping knee kick with [↑, ←, ↓, → + Y]. Relic
Find: Entrance
Conditions: Complete "The Martial Art" quest. 


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