Tips on how to use different souls and weapons together in dawn of sorrow

1:Any fist weapon with slaughterer/hell boar equals huge fist combos XD

2:Mandragora with any axe [exept tomahawk] for power-house artillery ^u^

3:Manticore plus a gun or throwing weapon to shoot down flying foes [mainly rycudas] ><

4:any fist wepz with gergoth for xtrem fast takoutz O=[===>

5:flying armour with axe means takeing down enemys while falling [recomended for large descents] u_u

6:Tomahawk with axe armour so it doesnt matter which way they dodge cuz there still gonna get hit

7:tomahawk/any throwing weapon with mandragora for monsters like bats ghost etc. etc.

[these have been tested and used results may vary]

p.s use succubus on a candle to regain health and pick up the hearts for mp >,<

p.s.s i will constantly edit and add to this page. By the way this newest page on the wiki XD

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