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  • Hello Animalver.

    We already have a page for the animated series version of Sypha Belnades. I temporarily protected her main page to avoid further counter-productive editing.

    Feel free to add any information you want pertaining the animated series character to this page:

    Sypha Belnades (animated series)

    Here's a transcription of the main text you contributed with a while ago:

    ===''[[Dracula's Curse Animated Movie|TV Show]]''===
    Sypha is member of group of nomad scholars, the [[Speakers]], that were falsely accused by the Church for the attacks conducted by [[Dracula]]'s army. This led to them being persecuted constantly, but they stayed inside the city to help those in need.
    Being a master of elemental magic, Sypha ventured alone into the city catacombs, determined to find the “sleeping soldier” from a prophecy that would save humanity from Dracula. During her search, she was attacked by a [[Cyclops]] and turned into stone. After being reluctantly rescued by [[Trevor Belmont (animated series)|Trevor Belmont]], she returned to her grandfather and apologized for failing in her journey.
    Sypha used her magic to save Trevor in his task of saving the speakers from being executed by order of the [[Bishop]], but both fell through the crumbling ground into the catacombs below, falling deeper inside than they were before. The two of them found a coffin where a man awakened in front of them.
    While Sypha believed him to be the sleeping savior, Trevor engaged in a battle after labeling him as a vampire. When the the vampire was preparing to bite Trevor, Sypha threatened him with her magic. The vampire introduced himself as [[Alucard (animated series)|Alucard]], and revealed that he was waiting in the catacombs for a hunter and a scholar. Sypha revealed to know about the prophecy, and agreeing to take Dracula together, the trio embarked in the journey against Dracula.
    Sypha has a nomad lifestyle and disguised herself as a man to travel in more security avoiding to be labeled by the church as a witch for being a magic user. She is a strong-willed woman with a sarcastic sense of humor that wanders through the region helping those in need, avoiding to leave her people even if it puts herself in danger. She fights for the future and wants to prevent Wallachia from being destroyed.
    In first instance, she distrusts Trevor Belmont, but ignoring the negative feelings she has towards him, Sypha tries to prevent him from leaving in order to enforce the prophecy to awaken the savior that will destroy Dracula. 
    After settling with Trevor, Sypha proved to generally have the final say in matters dealing with the home and Trevor would continue his role as vampire hunter.<ref>''Castlevania Judgment. Konami. 2009. Story Mode. Character: Trevor Belmont.''</ref>

    If you're indeed planning on adding anything to the page, please take a moment to review your grammar and also refrain from changing the links' format.

    Thank you for understanding. See you around.

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