Ok just todayi beat Dawn of Sorrow. and it suprised me that Menace was from DoS i thought he was from OoE

i just manage to beat him using the following

Level and ItemsEdit


9 Potion(s)

9 High Potions(s)

1 Super Potion

9 Mind Up(s)

9 High Mind Up(s)

Soul SetEdit

bullet: Erinys

Guardian: Alura Une

Enchantment: Treant

i just manage to beat him with this load out. i didnt really use the Alura Une soul too much (only the first part) but it did make me use just about all the itemsabove

What I do is equip guillotiner, draghnizzio to prevent getting chain hit and the medusa head to float in front of his face and use a long weapon like gunger.

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