The Mine of Judgment is a location in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.


The Mine of Judgment is the second-to-last area in Dawn of Sorrow. After meeting Celia at the center of the castle (Soma must be wearing Mina's Talisman to get the good ending), Soma, Arikado and Julius meet in the room where an energy barrier lies at the bottom of the Condemned Tower. Julius breaks the path open and Arikado goes in. Julius stays, exhausted for all the energy he had to use in order to open the barrier, and sends Soma after Arikado.

This area is much like the Condemned Tower, but the monsters are much tougher. It houses the portal to the Abyss, from which the castle fuels its existence. As the name implies, there are many tunnels for mining and various fossils of unknown creatures fill its carved walls. The Mine of Judgment also has skeletons in cages, suggesting something more sinister at play, as well as many skull shelves in the room in which Death is fought. It holds a pair of familiar enemies to many Castlevania games, Slogra and Gaibon.

Death awaits any intruders that make it to the bottom of the mine. After beating him, a portal can be found in the next room, which leads Soma to the Abyss.



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