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"There are worse things in the world than vampires in Styria, Isaac. There are worse things... than betrayal."
— Miranda in "Worse Things Than Betrayal"

Miranda (ミランダ?) is a minor character in the Castlevania animated series. She is an elderly Forgemaster living alone in a destroyed village following the attack of the Magician. She assists Isaac in his quest.

She was voiced by Barbara Steele in the English version of the show.


Little is known of Miranda's past other than her being a Forgemaster, and that she had posed a far more serious threat during her youth.

At some point in her life, Miranda settled in a village which was eventually attacked by a Magician who mentally enslaved all of her neighbors, as well as other nearby villages. Miranda's magical powers allowed her to resist his magic and avoid being enslaved. Beyond resisting the Magician's magic, she was unable to do anything else to stop him, as much of her powers and strength had withered with old age.


On his journey to Styria, Isaac stops by a village with his army of demons; however, he finds it almost deserted, with only an old woman on a stone patio, sitting in a rocking chair while smoking. Miranda, as she introduces herself, much to Isaac's intrigue, shows no fear whatsoever upon seeing him and his demon horde, and recognizes him as a Forgemaster, telling Isaac that she can "smell" him.

She tells Isaac that there are no fresh corpses to forge in the village, and that all of her neighbors were taken to a nearby town. Isaac then reveals to Miranda that he knows that she's a Forgemaster by referring himself as a fellow colleague when asking for advice. Miranda further explains that her neighbors were magically enslaved by a Magician, who seeks to build his own city-state out of the town through a slave population, drawing the slaves from the surrounding villages, including hers.

When Isaac expresses doubt in Miranda's claims to have magic, as he noted that she allowed the Magician to take her neighbors, she demonstrates it by casting an aura over herself, startling the demons, and putting Isaac on alert. However, the aura quickly dissipates as Miranda is no longer able to maintain it. She states that she's not as strong as she used to be, and was therefore unable to stop her neighbors from being taken, causing Isaac to reminisce about when Dracula banished him.

Isaac then confides to Miranda that he wishes to go to Styria, much to her disbelief. When he explains his intentions for revenge, she tells him that he'll need a larger army than what he currently has. She tells him to go to the Magician's town to forge the enslaved people, stating that it would be a mercy to them and that they would be grateful to be his tools of revenge. She also tells him that the Magician possesses an unusually large transmission mirror, large enough to teleport many people at once, and that he can use the mirror to shorten the lengthy journey to Styria.

After Isaac kills the Magician, he uses the transmission mirror to check on Miranda. Through the mirror, he sees her kneeling over a camp fire on the patio, and she, in turn, sees him watching over her, smiling knowingly in Isaac's success.


Miranda is an elderly woman with fair skin, short wavy gray hair with a bang that covers her right eye, her left eye is cyan blue, and she has a star tattoo on her throat. She wears a long pale gray hooded cloak that covers her entire body and a gray dress under her cloak.


Miranda seems to be a calm and learned individual. Being a Forgemaster, she seems to possess the relative nihilism typical of her fellow practitioners. However, she did express some sadness in not being able to stop her neighbors from being taken by the Magician, lamenting how much her powers and strength had diminished with age. However, she had no qualms in having Isaac forging the bodies into demons.

When meeting Isaac, both felt a sense of kinship between each other, as they had both lived through similar lives and experiences. She appeared to empathize with Isaac's mission of revenge in Styria and gave the fellow Forgemaster information to aid him. She also admitted to being quite deranged while cackling softly to herself, Isaac stating to the old land lords scrying mirror that she would probably carve out and devour his eyes in his sleep if the younger Forgemaster were to stay with her.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Forging: As she is a Forgemaster, it is likely that Miranda could also create and control night creatures using human corpses as her servants and will them to do her bidding. It was heavily implied that during her youth, she was once one of the most powerful Forgemasters of her time and posed even more of a threat than either Isaac or Hector.
  • Magic: It's also been shown that Miranda is also capable of performing magic and was capable of repelling and intimidating Isaac's night creatures and protect herself from the Magician's mass mind control spell. However, her powers have greatly diminished due to her advanced age, and she no longer even has a fraction of her original powers. This was seen where even the simple act of exerting her power to intimidate Isaac's small pack of night creatures tired her, and she was only able to defend herself and not her neighbors during the Magician's acquisition of them as his workforce, and has implied that in her younger years she could have easily protected them by herself.
    • Aura: As seen during her interaction with Isaac and her exerting her powers to prove her identity, Miranda was able to project a powerful aura of magical energy strong enough to frighten and intimidate Isaac's small pack of night creatures and even intimidate Isaac himself. However, due to her advanced age, using this technique was shown to greatly exhaust her. Unlike Hector's blue or Isaac's red, Miranda's own aura is shown to be purple.
  • Sixth sense: Miranda also seemingly has showcased a sixth sense or the ability to know when someone is spying on her, as seen where she immediately detected Isaac looking at her using the Magician's transmission mirror. During her first meeting with Isaac, she was also able to "smell" him and easily tell that he was a fellow Forgemaster, as well as smell his night creatures and tell their numbers.

Other abilities[]

  • Wisdom: Miranda has also shown to be quite knowledgeable and well informed about the going ons of the world despite her now living in isolation and losing a majority of her powers. As seen where she was aware of the Magician possessing a large transmission mirror and knowing of its abnormal size and capabilities, and was shown to be aware of the developments of Styria and its eventual invasion of its neighbors. It is unknown if she herself possess informants that give her this information or if she uses magic to gain it.


Season 3
3-01. Bless Your Dead Little Hearts
3-02. The Reparation of My Heart
3-03. Investigators
3-04. I Have a Scheme
3-05. A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement
3-06. The Good Dream
3-07. Worse Things Than Betrayal
3-08. What the Night Brings
3-09. The Harvest
3-10. Abandon All Hope


  • "The town is run by a magician. He has dreams of a city, a slave population to build it. So he swept up the surrounding villages, cooked their souls down to ash... turned them into ants. Make them eat *** and stack bricks." ("Worse Things Than Betrayal")
  • "To obtain such a treasure, you will have to kill everyone in that town, so that the magician has no defense. Thereby converting the entire population into more of your night creatures, equipping you with a full army to take your revenge in Styria." ("Worse Things Than Betrayal")
  • "Yes, I probably should have mentioned that I am quite mad." ("Worse Things Than Betrayal")
  • "Kill them all, pretty forgemaster. They'll thank you for turning them into instruments of revenge against the human race." ("Worse Things Than Betrayal")


Concept art[]


  • Cryscv2

    Gypsy from Simon's Quest.

    Miranda's overall appearance resembles the traveling Gypsies from Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, although it's unknown if this similarity was intentional.
  • Miranda also shares some similarities to the woman living in Ghulash in Simon's Quest, being that both are old women living alone in a town after it was desolated due to the involvement of magical forces.
  • The wind rose shaped symbol that Miranda bears on her neck resembles the one Hector had on the back of his Forgemaster uniform.
  • While most designs were typically completed before casting, the reverse was true for the magician Miranda, and so a request was made for her face to resemble Barbara Steele, her voice actress.[1]