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The Mobile Base, also simply called Base, is the Demon Hunter Guild's flying castle in Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody. It positioned itself at the top of Castlevania at the beginning of the game and can regularly be returned to via portals or other points in the game. It is used as the main hub area of the game. The player starts each session for a saved game there. It is also utilized by allies of the Demon Hunter Guild, such as the Mage Tower and Belmont Clan.

Activities and services[]

Several activities can be performed at the base while there, including:

  • Enter a Quick Battle against other online players.
  • Play Team Adventure with other online players.
  • Enter the Chaotic Realm.
  • Travel back to the Castle area that you were last at before returning to Base.
  • Talk to Reynolds to break down equipment for materials, which can then improve other equipment.
  • Talk to the Mysterious Merchant and Florrie to purchase new items.
  • Talk to the Bartender to have a drink.
  • Sit in a chair to save the game.





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