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The Morris Clan (モリス一族 Morisu Ichizoku?) is an offshoot of the Belmont Clan which is found mainly in America.


After Alucard defeated his father, Count Dracula, in 1797, the Belmont Clan disappeared and the Vampire Killer was entrusted to the Morris family. In 1897, Quincy Morris kept Dracula at bay. In 1917, Elizabeth Bartley resurrected the Count (her uncle), but both were stopped by John Morris and Eric Lecarde.

John used the Vampire Killer, but because he was not a true Belmont, the whip sapped his energy and brought his life to an untimely end. The whip was later used by his son, Jonathan.

By the time of the Demon Castle War in 1999, the whip had presumably returned to the Belmonts. What happened to the Morris Clan afterward is unknown.

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