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Top of the Aqueducts
Cod offart55Hector

Cod offart59Zead StgermainSaint Germain

Hector Interrupts a Meeting in the Aqueduct
(Hector walks down the waterway and suddenly notices Zead looking off to the side by the edge of the waterway)

Zead: (slightly surprised) Ah, I'm pleased to see you are unharmed.
Hector: Did you think me dead?
Zead: I saw him earlier... I feared that perhaps...
Hector: I came too late then. Which way did he go?
Zead: Along this path lies a forest. He went there. Probably making his way to the village on the other side.
Hector: And what of your mission? To purify this land and remove the curse?
Zead: Yes, the curse. In the end, it is all Isaac; he is the source of this pestilence. He...
(Zead looks round as if suddenly distracted by something)
Zead: Ah, how could I forget? There is a matter I must attend to. By your leave.
(Zead walks away while Hector turns round to watch him. Saint Germain slowly appears behind Hector)
Hector: You again?
Saint Germain: Oh, it's you. (laughs) I was expecting someone else... You spoke with him, didn't you?
Hector: And why should I answer to you?
Saint Germain: Perhaps you'll accept my advice, then. You would do well to avoid... him. Do not be drawn in by his words...
Hector: Your advice is neither solicited, nor welcome. I will use any means necessary to achieve my revenge.
(Hector holds up his fist)
Saint Germain: You've been warned. I would like to speak with you further, but I must track him down quickly. He is the one being who is beyond my recollection. Goodbye for now.

(Hector watches as Saint Germain teleports away)


8. Curse of Darkness- Mortvia Aqueduct

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Mortvia Aqueduct
When: Shortly after entering Mortvia Aqueduct
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