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Move (or Walk) is a standard action for all characters in platforming Castlevania games that moves the player's character along the ground. In 2D games, pressing the right or the left directional button will move the character to the left or the right. Some 2D games, such as Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth, will also allow the player to use the left and right on an analog stick. Full 3D games allow the player to move in the direction the analog sticks are tilted.

Movement speed can be enhanced in some games with certain items. Sudden bursts of speed can be accomplished in some games by the use of a Dash or Back Dash ability. A few games allow the player to Crawl while crouching or Slide. The player character will stop moving if an attack is performed with most weapons.

Item Data

Item Data: Move
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Move [alt] - Symphony of the Night [edit]
' Action
Sequence: ←/→
Effect: Walk to the left or the right
Move - Legends [edit]
' Action
Sequence: ←/→
Effect: Walk to the left or the right.
Walking - Castlevania 64 [edit]
Press the Control Stick in the direction you want to walk. Action
Reinhardt, Carrie 
Walk - Legacy of Darkness [edit]
' Action
Cornell, Henry, Reinhardt, Carrie 
Sequence: Control Stick
Move - Lords of Shadow 2 [edit]
' Skill
Dracula, Alucard 
First Obtained: Castle Siege
Sequence: [Movement] (L pad on PS3)
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