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A Multi-Hit Knife Throw (unofficial name) is a Knife attack where a deadly knife is thrown into an opponent and stays lodged in the stab wound, causing multiple hits over time. This attack was first featured on the Gold Knife found in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. It appeared again in the Scalpel Throw ability of the Ripper soul in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.

Item Data[]

Item Data: Multi-Hit Knife Throw
Image Name - Game
  Type - Users
Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
The Gold Knife Icon The Gold Knife (jpn) - Simon's Quest
  Magic Weapon (Sub-Weapon) - Simon Belmont
This is your strongest knife, and it has a mysterious power. Consume: 2 Hearts
Drop: Death
Effect: Multi-Hit Knife Throw
Red Soul Ripper - Scalpel Throw - Aria of Sorrow
  Bullet Soul - Soma
Stabs enemies with a blood-soaked knife. Attrib: Sword
Consume: 35 MP
65 ATK
Rarity: 30
Drop: Ripper
Effect: Multi-Hit Knife Throw - Up to six hits per attack.



See also[]

  • Knife Throw - The most basic knife throw.
  • Penetrator - A less advanced knife throw that can penetrate multiple enemies.